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    Southern California WTB (or trade for) Black Diamond 909xhj

    in good shape (no structural damage/corrosion); reel seat preferred. stuff to trade (Mak15ii, P220/229/332, Saltist 40, Sealines, Penn reels/rods, bass gear) Keith in San Marcos (n. SD county), face-to-face
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    WTB (or trade for) Black Diamond 909xhj

    Sciaenops submitted a new listing: WTB (or trade for) Black Diamond 909xhj - WTB (or trade for) Black Diamond 909xhj Learn more about this listing...
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    Trinidad gold 14 16 Sealine x40hv

    Pm sent on 16
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    Offshore Finally back at it with Pop and reports from our last 2 trips

    Great report - Thanks for sharing. Dodos & Bruce all on 1 trip!
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    Gold Trinidad 16, 20, and 40

    Beautiful looking trio
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    Offshore 7/30 499 Footballs on the plug

    Nice job…with the popper & knife.
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    Offshore Islander 2.5 day

    Yup another good trip on the Islander. Mike’s chimichurri flatiron was the bomb.
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    Midnight Bender: Jumbo Bluefin- Independence July 9-13, 2022

    Heckuva nite bite & report.
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    Offshore Young’s Tackle 3 day on the Indy July 6-9 2022 - winning it in the Bottom of the 9th.. again

    Rode the Indy for 1st time on trip before yours. The boat is a beast and enjoyed fishin w/Matt, Brian & rest of the crew.
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    Offshore Solo Voyager 6/13

    Wow looks I missed out on a great trip. Slingin Steve & Bouncin Brian, eh? Can’t make those characters up. Epic storytelling btw.
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    WTB 20/25 # 8’ rod

    Pm sent
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    Wahoo fishing in June

    OP Sounds like it could be Pietro