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  1. daiwa sealine x20sha

    daiwa sealine x20sha

    $60 3237029094 pick Up near Koreatown Or add money for shipping
  2. pink goo fish slow pitch rod

    pink goo fish slow pitch rod

    Brand new with tags $140 Spiral wrap left I have caught fish with the blue rod. fishing off the skiff.
  3. Fathom 30ld2

    Fathom 30ld2

    fathom 30ld2 full of yellow Power Pro to the top 65 or 80 pound pick up in Koreatown for $200 minor blemishes and dusts on this reel 3237029094 text for pics
  4. Tilefish Jr 76 sold

    Tilefish Jr 76 sold

    sold Good conditon located in LA near koreatown 3237029094 text for pics
  5. scfisher

    New vs Used

    if you bought a reel from the store new in box then you. take it home out of the box. is it still new? That is what some people are asking on here. If you take it on a boat ride never fished unscratched is it still new? atleast when a description is given people can decide for themselves if...
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    fathom 30sdp and more

    Drop $160 firm
  7. scfisher

    14'-16' Tin boat

    buy from a group like this ...since there are people here who stand by their word . and honesty integrity mean somthing a lot guys sold me gear here issues almost non existant at the same time there are some bad apples anywhere
  8. scfisher

    Penn Fathom ii 25n star drag

    in store or online id like to get a hold of a 15 size i have a ftm 30 for sale or trade