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    All of Us Hooked Up on Yellows...

    Jason, that was not a report it was an advertisement. Localism? Hardly (I thought you were smarter than that). There have been plenty of real reports on here about the same fish/location by real fishermen sharing there stoke. That's awesome! I'm sure all those guys worked hard for thier fish...
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    All of Us Hooked Up on Yellows...

    I agree. It's certainly no secret and there are always fish. And the sky is blue. Duh! So what then is the motivation for a guy from Dana point, who couldn't even land a fish, to post all the vitals that his buddies figured out and told him? To me that is as classy as rolling up on a paddy where...
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    All of Us Hooked Up on Yellows...

    Thanks! I feel like yani and I are neck and neck but I'll take the win! I'll just hang it on the wall next to all the others:urno1:. And a special thanks to the 100 other douches who have been catching in the same zone for the last week and not posting. This one's for you!:nutkick:
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    All of Us Hooked Up on Yellows...

    Thanks bro! Way to sell out you kayak brothers and the fishery to a fleet of boats and internet slayers for a few hits on your site. At least your motives are clear. Ohh yeah nice fish! Lol
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    Whislter Buoy 3/4

    Good call. Whistler is one of the go to spots during uphill or into the beach currents. I bet those yt recognized that skiff and refused to die! Did you see any volume of red crAb on the meter?
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    Fishing yt n bft out of mb this afternoon 6\18

    plan on launching out of Mission Bay around noon targeting bluefin tuna and yellowtail Text Jerry I don't log on here often
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    Anybody know this guy?

    as if SUP'ers and kayakers didn't have a bad enough name already....kinda suprised this guy didn't post a report on 10 different fishing sites and call the paper..."i just just caught the biggest seabass ever!!!!
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    Now I see why they call it Zombie Fishing... No WSB, but caught my 1st Halibut, ever.

    I'm guessing it was shot by a freediver and the spear ripped out...I've caught a few with similar wounds but usually in the belly. I've even seen one with a fully healed shark bite across it's back! Seems like these fish are way tuffer than the fisheries "scientist" would like us to believe.
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    Tow Vehicle Needed / Trade for Kicker?

    Randy,I'm getting rid of my 2006 Dodge ram 2500, 4-door, short bed, 4x4, cummins, and 6spd manual. 80k mi. Perfect little boat hauller. Truck is stock except for the shell and a carpet kit back there (to lock up fishing gear). No 5th wheel or heavy towing. Only downside is no power windows or...
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    Boat Sunk, Begging a Ride

    i would try to actually locate the boat first before dragging a couple of divers along with all the could take all day (or two+) to find the the boat. Then, if it is at a safe depth, arrange for some divers to salvage ur junk.
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    Diesel truck?

    Also I have a 06 Dodge common rail 4x4 quad cab shortbed with a 6spd manual for sale.....perfect tow rig for an rv or boat. It was my dads truck but he's too old to use it anymore, and its too nice for me to put to work. Just under 80k in the OD. pm me if interested
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    Diesel truck?

    Good advise here...modded 6.0's r ok but remember we have to smog diesels in CA not too so EGR deletes wont fly. IMO the 04.5-07 common rail dodges with the 6psd manual are the shiznit. I would stay away from the auto tranny if your going to be pulling (anything). Also really easy/fun to mod...
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    Livingston with yamaha 9.9

    haha, good luck getting a clean 14 or 12T in the 14's r over 200lbs heavier making beach launches tuff. I had a dream last night that i bought this skiff, woke up at 4am, beach launched, roped 5yt and made it to work by 9am. :rofl: