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    Tuna on PENN Torque and Fathom 15LD2's

    What rod were you using?
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    For Sale Makaira 20 Calstar 770H

    That's an incredible price....cheapest online pre-tax I found was $1060 and didn't include braid either, easily $1280+ all in. This will be gone faaaaasssstttt
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    Okuma Conventional for Surf?

    It all depends on the person casting. Personally I can cast further on a spinning but that's due to spending less time using a conventional reel for casting rather than just live bait.
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    Okuma Conventional for Surf?

    Otherwise I'd go Penn Fathom star drag
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    Okuma Conventional for Surf?

    Have you thought of a spinning reel? Really easy to clean, less cost for a decent one and casts a mile.
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    Maui Bottom Fishing

    When are you going to be there? I'm headed over on the 17th-26th and thinking about a trip. I've done the overnight on Die Hard and had a blast.
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    100lb+ fish?

    Bight Sportfishing for Kite Fishing had a killer year but really reading the endless amazing reports of the Osuna Bros/Marlas Sportfishing in PV seems like a really promising option. Another guy from Canada met me on the TG80 in October for his first trip for SD tuna and the guy kills a 104 and...
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    Did you hear that?

    Old Glory has 91 YFT all above 30lbs, Condor had 30+ yft by 2pm, doesn't sound like done yet for you guys :)
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    Asking for recommendations for rod purchase for beginners

    I have a Proteus 80HF and PCH761H and big difference between the two rods even though they're both 20-50lb rods. I love the weight and feel of the PCH but was topped out on a 38-39lb YFT and could barely lift the fishes head meanwhile my Proteus has more meat to it and a 45lb BFT came in much...
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    Old Glory Hole

    I agree with both sides of the coin but this comment hit the nail on the head for me. I know people will groan but: Safety should never take a holiday
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    yellow-tail in November

    It's actually Reno 911 but Super Troopers is way more funny