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    Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    @Pjstevko this gets the blood flowing
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    Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    Absolutely deadly man!!! Thanks for sharing
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    5 vs 3 day Fishing Nov 2020

    Last October I did 3 limited load trips in a row. 2.5 day on PQ that got in at 6am then jumped on a 3 day at 11am on the Condor that got in at 6am and jumped on the TG80 at 8pm on a 2.5 day. I wouldn't do that again even though it was a blast but I was pretty burnt out. The year before I did...
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    SA 80 Cortez bank

    There's a update on H&MLanding website....big YT
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    September 3 day set ups....

    Screw the trolling rod....wait for the "let em rip" call by the captain and toss in your bait or iron. 1 FF setup 2 Sinker Rig 50 or 60lb 3 50lb fly lined 4 50lb Iron/popper setup 5 40lb fly lined (or sinker) 6 30lb fly lined 7 30lb fly lined (save always re-tieing or maybe even 25lb)
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    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    That is just hilarios, love your videos @marx88 .... and the Easton and Koho gaffs just frickin awesome!!!!!
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    September 3 day set ups....

    Buy it and throw 50 or 60lb braid on it then whatever for leader.....DOOOOOO ITTTTTT HAHAHA :)
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    Why so many spots on Condor?

    I'd take the Condor, bigger boat that's fishy. Great crew too.
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    1.5 Day Tuna Gear

    I'd rent a 60 or 80lb 2 speed for sinker rigs mainly and maybe flat falls. Lots or reports from landings saying they're crushing them on 6-12oz of lead and people loosing way too many fish to lighter line.
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    Looking for a 2.5 day or 3 day trip out of San Diego

    Bonus between a 3 day vs 2.5 day is the extra days limit too. You should sleep better on a 3 day as you'll be fishing day one and hopefully smashing them, on a 2.5 day I'm a little too excited to sleep well the first night after jumping on a boat at 8 or 9pm
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    Fishing charters 2020

    Search option in the top right of the page
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    The Freedom overnighter

    Try contacting them, then you know for sure rather than some second hand info that might not be correct
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    Pacific Queen 5/29

    Good luck man, I hope the crew doesn't give you as hard of a time this year hahaha. You worked your ass off on my trip, excellent shot with the gaff too bud. Hope to see the Big Bird in 2021.
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Multiple negative tests as I stated in the original post
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    My wife's friend was an entertainer on the Diamond Princess. His roomate tested positive and was very sick yet he never got it. Two weeks in the same tiny room and multiple negative tests and the only thing that him and his roomate were diligent about was wearing masks.