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    Thanks guys. This sux but what are you gonna do. Blade it and in to the corner it goes, well I guess I can set the guides and some other wraps first and throw a coat of CP on then to the corner. Then , pizza and beer ! Who sais that?
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    Had a power failure in the area last night in the middle of the night. Have some rather large bumps in the finnish of the rod I am working since the motor stopped and I got some droop. I dont think I can just shave with razor and ballance with one more coat. How long wil I have wait before I can...
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    best bang for your buck... There it is! Mark is the man
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    First Tiger

    This is after the first top coat. Out of focus but nice for the first time. Thanks guys.
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    First Tiger

    Thanks to you guys, I think the first part of this rod will turn out good. I used silver in B and metalic blue in A. I thought it might have a more subdued look with the blue a on top. This is a 30-50 Rainshadow 7ft spinning for a Twin spin with all alps. Sure hope my brother likes it. He might...
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    I am in line for the mag. Just waited too long. Got all the stuff.... almost all the stuff for the rod and thought I could figure it out. Going for monster muskie in two weeks and wanted to break in my Brothers rod I am making for his Twin spin. All alps stuff. Might not happen. Know I wont put...
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    Cloud someone please help me with some vague direction of how to do this? 3 size A on the bottom going up the rod. Burnish the string. Pull one of those strings off and add coat cp. Put a coat of resin and let dry. Then going down the rod, agiain 3 strings and burnish then pull extra string...
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    Seeker CTSF63XXH

    Great work there Bro. Did you use A thread in black on top to give it that clean look? Alps has some nice stuff !
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    Color for my jx

    Then make one. Buy the in expensive guides. Save some $ the get some Alps guides and switch them out later. Cork base turks head 2 color d thread rubber but cap, basic stik. You can do it and match your reel color 2. 7-8 ft live bait stick, read, pick what you want for line class by sorting...
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    "Chew On This" $10,000 Goliath Challenge w/ Wilmington Grill Company

    Lets have Mark at acid rod make a bad ass acid rod for the zero torq and stuff a bicycle seat to the end. That would be the ticket to having less guide dammage. Love that you stood off and watched and let them boys get it done themselves. Great job Capt Chancey. P.S. I'll see what he sais.
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    pro gear cs series

    My cs551 kicked some albie ass with 25 cxxpline . Great little reel all around. Not alot of parts as other people have said. Only minor prob I had Alan T. helped me with.
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    Spectra/mono topshot suggestions for a older LX 4.1

    There it is! Next time though, you might want to do somthing other then spend time looking at your post, waiting to see an answer! There is no customer service here. IF YOU CAN'T WAIT CALL A TACKLE SHOP OR 2 :gay:. K. Or learn to read back-posts for the question that has been asked 1000 times...
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    h & m screwing up again

    H&M Landing is not responsible for the operation of any vessel. All boats at H&M Landing are independently owned and operated Un expected things happen! My Dad died while I was out fishing end of July in SD. Have to deal with shit as it comes...
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    finish rod

    No, I make my own but they sure as hell don't like that! Too hot for me to handle. Is there a raffle?:imdumb:
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    finish rod

    I have seen the rods before when you posted but you never said if they were for you or for someone else?