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    Trinidad TN30 Gold

    Sold, miss it already.
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    Boat bunks

    Last.trip on the OG in April was.pick a.bunk.
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    Ranger 85 2 1/2 Day July 23rd Departure

    Terrific chance to catch a 200lb + on the kite! These guys are bluefin pro's.
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    Offshore Need fish id help

    They are all over sea of cotez. Heavy leaders if you're in a school. The skins will tear your line up!
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    Offshore Excel 2.5 Day Teport

    The fish were 150-300 feet deep all day. Saw a few people do well letting out an estimated 70 feet at a time and waiting 30 sec. or so before letting more 70' line out. I would go down to about 400 feet (remember the scope), then reel back in about 70 feet and wait 30 sec. and move back up the...
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    Ranger 85 Charters 2020

    I'm really excited to get back on the Ranger 85! Great crew and a wonderful fishing platform. Mike runs a solid charter! Sending deposits today!
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    NEW Price Reduced Daiwa Saltiga 30 2-Speed SALD30-2SPD

    That is a great reel. Do you have photo's of the one you actually have? Also, you did not mention if you will ship.
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    Trinidad TN30 Gold

    Trinidad TN30 Casts great and has excellent drag. Was serviced two years ago by Shimano in Irvine. Fresh 50lb mono on top with 65lb braid underneath. Clamp comes with the reel. $260 o.b.o and $15 shipping. Mechanical true 10 of 10 Cosmetic 8 of 10
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    Anything but Tuna!

    Local Pangeros in PV will put you on more inshore stuff in the bay. Jack Cravalle, Bonito, yellowtail, trigger fish etc..
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    Offshore Ranger 85 2 1/2 day 7/25 Late report

    They took the colt sniper, the smaller 60 gram ones were better. Noticed the colt sniper jerk bait got hit a couple of times.
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    Shimano Trinidad TN30 Gold

    Nice reel will last years.. GLWS
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    Ranger 85 2 1/2 day July 25th departure

    What time does the boat leave on Thursday evening? I plan to be there early, but always good to know?
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    2.5 8/2-8/5 relentless $750

    What landing do they run out of?