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    Frustration on the Fury.

    Good on the guy for sharing the meat. Hard to get em to go when they are on the micro-chovie. Someone had a good idea that I have to try which was to put a hook directly to a 2 oz torpedo weight (heavy split ring) and put that in the boil. Grey color and the size (1.5") seem to match the...
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    8/2 Humble Pie

    Nice to see you're human Ron. For a while there you were killing it. Thanks for the report!! You'll get them next time.
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    BFT, Dorado, and Yellowtail - July 26

    The Next Generation... Keep at it boys. If you do, you'll be charging $2000 to take people fishing on their own boats. 🤪
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    Bluefin Video

    Life is so good!!!!
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    Best day ever triple limits

    Hell yeah!!! Congrats on the best of day ever, stoked for you man. Great feeling to be wore out from catching fish. Nice fillet job on that slab. You should update your profile to say "Addicted to sushi". I'm sure susi is great and all but with a haul like this... Susi will understand if...
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    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    I wore flip flops occasionally until I kicked a bag of Sculpin on a twilight trip on the Western Pride. My daughter (12 yo at the time) got a big kick out of that (pun intended). After I saw my buddy's (@Benny Mora ) pinky toe make a 90 degree turn after coming into contact with a cleat, that...
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    Daaaamn VinDogg!! Trying to figure out how you made room for the fish with your balls taking up so much room on the skiff. Too bad brass doesn't float cuz if they did, you'd have all the safety gear you and the pooch would need.
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    Surf fishing San Onofre

    When we camped there over the years, I'd take the kids shore fishing at night using a chunk of squid. Usually right in front of whatever trail was closest to the site. I'd fish with a variety of rigs (Carolina, dropper, double dropper) and as heavy of a weight I could cast far with whatever...
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    Coulda been worse 7/1

    Sweet paddy and great grade of paddy Tails.
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    6/30 Bluefin Biters

    This is turning out to be what looks like an incredible year. Great job boys!!! :jig:
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    Congrats on the 4-way Personal Best!!!!
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    Great day!!! Well done and thank you for sharing the #s. :rockin: :appl:
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    BFT NW 230 6/25

    You have a hellofa streak going Ron... fine job!!!
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    Conventional Reel Newbie at your service

    Yo Kody, I have an ugly stick for conventional reels for you in good condition (no cost), if you wanna pick it up from Corona. That will get you started and let you spend your $ on a reel. I also have a Diawa SL0SH 20 reel, I'll sell you for $50 but dont feel obligated to buy it. I'll...