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    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    @KaiChung, welcome to our crazy chinook management process! The quota is usually use it or lose it. There have been years where they close it down due to lower than expected returns. It doesn’t seem that is the case this year as fish are getting through, they just are a bit late and not feeding...
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    stolen fishing gear, Westport

    “These telemarketers are going to kill me!”
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    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    I am with Eli here. What is going on?!? Sharing x marks the spot intel on the internet... especially on a slow year, you may be inviting all of your internet friends to fish your spot! Nobody owns the ocean or the fish, but it never hurts to let the hordes search around. Everyone knows the...
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    Found crab pot protocol

    If I find an obvious floater I pull it and call the number. Almost all always come to get it eventually. I reached one guy and he said he would come get it. Never showed or responded again. Until the next year just right before the opener! He came and got it June 30th. No charge for storing it...
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    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    see Bill’s avatar for proper wake technique.:D There is some really good advice in this thread. One more that I might add is more a theory I hold to: stay out of the crowd. Having 50 sets of flashers spinning and dr balls hitting the bottom will spook the fish. I find I hook up more often when...
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    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Seeing that a few people reported rockfish bycatch (which is good imo showing an increase in numbers), does everyone have a descender on board? I saw in the refs they are required in the sound now? Pretty easy to use as you already have your downriggers set up. Let’s show we can fish with...
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    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Creel reports have 53 fished checked for A9... from 543 people checked. Looks like checker effort was down as there were less interviews conducted than the last few years. Hopefully they won’t say that the A9 quota is now 89% consumed...
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    Neah Bay Coho

    If I catch a shaker, then I report it. Sometimes that shaker just follows the boat around getting caught over and over. I’ve never caught two shakers.
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    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Possession for 5 hours netted us a chunky local coho. I saw two Blackmouth sized fish netted. it was busy out there as @bdrlgion said. I few times we were full stop waiting for traffic to clear. Found the bait away from the crowds and marked what looked like coho sized fish feeding. Some of the...
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    2019 parker 2120

    Seemed like a good deal. Definitely not fished hard based on the lack of junk in that shop. To buy a boat and then sell it a year later because your interests changes. Ouch. I hope RV’ing lasts a little longer.
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    Monday Morning Bubble

    I don’t keep a salmon with a messed up little adipose as it is just not worth potentially arguing something that is so subjective. however, this is a bubble fish. You can keep fins in the bubble. Kurt is up to speed with the regs. 👍
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    Minus Tide - Everett & The Crab Opener

    It never fails to amaze me how many guys just head to the launch and go for it regardless of tides. Here is a dude launching during a -2+ at Mukilteo. Good times!
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    Vote out Bezos this fall! :p:lol
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    Buying A New Chest Freezer Question

    Boxes. I just have a food saver sealer and too much handling causes seals to fail. The Costco cereal boxes or shoe boxes work great.
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    Opener at Westport

    Nice looking fish!