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    964lb. mako

    Now mike..... Easy there.
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    Sunday 08-19 Fish hunt.

    at least you got meat lee.
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    OK - It was my x-lg crap! I clogged the toilet. Sorry Lee! Had a great day with you and the crew despite the weather and the lack of fish. Lots of laughs. And thanks for the use of the toilet. Send me the bill when the "extraction specialist" comes. Just tell him that there is a small...
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    9/17 the curse is lifted!

    who's byeye? Good job guys. Glas to see Ali finally caught a fish this year.
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    oh steve. you are a madman.
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    I tired! Response from Greenpeace

    I know that this post shouldn't be in this forum but it's the forum that gets visited the most so if Jason feels that it needs to be moved, so be it! After returning from a long 290 mile trip aboard the Heather Lynn in search of tuna and being so frustrated seeing about 40 - 50 tuna seiners...
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    9/6 YFT

    there really are fish out there.
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    Mot's First Marlin + VIDEO 8-25-06

    sweet... best vid i have seen in a while, except for the porn of course.
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    7/24 Dodo madness

    Jim, maybe you just need to get out on the water a bit more. practice makes perfect...or so they say.
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    6/25 BFT 1010 / Upper 500

    Fished aboard the Done Deal, a 43 Mikelson. Left at about 10PM Sat night with howling winds. Knew we were in for a rough night and that it was. Ended up between the upper 500 / 1010 area at about 4am. Opened the cabin door to 25knt winds and a solid 6 foot swell/wind chop. Awesome fishing...