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    Accurate ATD50

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    Accurate ATD50

    SOLD SOLD The last and most favored of my ATD's. Leaving long-range for sure to fly fish, this was my favorite live bait reel. Serviced after last trip, just checked all the bearings a few minutes ago, everything's good. $500, PayPal only and I'll pay shipping. Cosmetically 8+/10 (it was my...
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    Sacramento Roll Call

    That would work for me, I need to schedule that far out too! Early October is a fly fishing trip, late is great. Could you send a pm so I get an email from BD telling me to check here?
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    Fins that don't kill your heels?

    I use Hollis F1 Bat Fins, very comfy with great propulsion. Flip fins have breakage issues, Force fins don't work well with a scissor kick. Go to a dive shop, they figured all this out decades ago.
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    Like Ultra Ultra limited load?

    While this is absolutely true, there is something very very different in the feel of an ultra limited trip. The room on the deck of the Excel with just 16 is incredible. Having dinner with everybody at one sitting, never having to wait for a shower, virtually no tangles, you darn near have a...
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    New cook on the Intrepid

    I believe Jeff Grant is a James Beard award winner. That's some serious stuff culinary wise.
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    One Man's Trash, is Another Man's Treasure

    Four "little speedies"?!?! Awesome score! Those are the best albacore trolling lures I ever used, especially the black/purple . . . we all remember albacore don't we? Congrats on that buy!
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    Favorite time of the year and length of trip

    Early December, 12+ days. No net boats due to the closure period, maximum options for cow destinations.
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    Harnesses for big tuna revisited

    WELL DONE!!! Of course, you'll get the usual babble from the rail nazis.
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    100lb and up Top Shot Connection. Roller guide only. What do you like? Why?

    Best thing is you can call him and he'll take as much time as you need getting it 100% right! Nice guy, awesome fisherman.
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    I finally got approval for a long trip!!!!!!

    Love the time frame you've selected! Looking at your list, scratch the Excel because it's full, scratch the Indy because if it doesn't go you may be locked out of the others by then. AA and RS . . . If both have space, flip a coin, you can't go wrong with either. I learned LR on the Star, tried...
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    Spectra Lifespan?

    That's EXACTLY what Jerry Brown said to me when I fished with him. I guess great minds DO think alike.
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    Short Report: Royal Star 14 Day

    Good to see you back out there David!!