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    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    A bit confusing and seems like stuff is missing?
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    Boat Repair Shop in San Francisco Bay Area

    H & M in Sausalito does great work.
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    Kodiak Pro Flow Bait Tank 22 Gallons

    Will it hold a full scoop of anchovies? Thanks
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    Parker 2320 - The Vortex!! (Another) Big Price drop!! SOLD

    Message me when you get settled in and we can go chase some albacore next summer.
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    Looking for a cheap boat shipper

    I brought a grady 228 from Florida to Oregon 4 years ago, and I paid 2300.00ish.(best I can remember) The guy I used, I found on uship his name is Joe (956) 357-5944. He was great, in communication everyday and even dealt with some fried bearings in the meddle of Idaho and was great about...
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    Parker 2320 - The Vortex!! (Another) Big Price drop!! SOLD

    That's a perfect boat for fishing the Oregon coast.
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    Offshore 5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Great story and a huge congratulations to you guys.
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    Best boat for NorCal?

    Take a look at the Grady White Seafarer 228. Great boat and we fish way offshore for albacore here in Oregon.
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    BNIB B175HW For 20° Tilt (Garmin 8 pin)

    Great transducer, I have one on my Grady and it is perfect for scanning the water column.
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    SOLD ....Yamaha Speed+Fuel Meter 6Y5-83500-40-BK

    I wonder if it would work for a 2001 ox66 225? Thanks
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    SOLD ....Yamaha Speed+Fuel Meter 6Y5-83500-40-BK

    What motor did you use it with? Thanks
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    WTB Grady White 228G

    Y marine in Coos Bay or has one listed.
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    Yamaha f-200

    What is the year and price of the 250 and how many hours are on it? Thanks
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    Garmin 942XS $720

    Will you take 650.00 shipped to OR for the 942xs? Thanks I figured I'd ask. Happy Holidays.