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    Shake down trip successful

    Awesome! Glad you got out there and landed a few fish. Super fun! Especially away from the crowd, it's crazy the mass of boats in one area haha
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    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    Cory, I think it was a good choice at your age. This will blow over and you'll be back fishing soon! Way to be smart for you AND your wife!
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    Offshore Yellowwfin

    Sucks about the bait, but obviously the sniper was getting it done, so oh well. Great story, loved the report, keep em coming!! Side note, how did you retrieve the sniper? jigging motion? slow reeling? etc
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    First few days on the California waters

    Welcome to CA! You're catching on quickly! White swimbaits definitely work. A lot of guys here fish bait, squid being the mainstay for the seabass. Some guys also use heavier irons at times when anchored. Yellowtail are very popular with surface irons like a Tady 45 and live sardines/mackerel...
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    3/4 Day; San Diego

    Thanks for posting a report. Glad you got on some nice fish!
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    5/25/2020 Memorial Day - Fishing with Underwater drone Izor's reef

    Love the video! Please keep these coming!! Was it just me or was it tough to see the bottom in the video? It would be fun to see what exactly is down there. Maybe you were hovering the drone 10ft up from the bottom, etc?
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    San Miguel 3/22

    Looks like a good haul of fish! The whale pics are pretty cool, didn't look too windy there!
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    Morro Bay / Port San Luis-Avila

    Thanks for the update. Definitely a bummer. Hopefully all this will pass over soon. Keep us updated.
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    Rpt.-Thur.-03-05-20 PV and RP.

    Glad to hear about some progress, glad you were able to get out! Great report!
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    Santa Barbara coastal fishing

    Sounds like a great trip, thanks for posting the report!
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    Santa Cruz 3/8

    Some solid cod right there! Great tip on the squid vs jig findings! Thanks for the post!
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    Fathers Day Bass. We hit em good.

    You are dialed in!! Keep it up! Thanks for sharing.
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    Rpt.-Wed.-01-09-19 PV, RP and the Shoe!

    Thanks for the report! Sounds like w/o current, gotta keep moving. Amazing how the conditions can tweak a bite so much!
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    Channel Islands 9-24

    Wow, that's a toad! Looks like your float is big enough for a big bluefin!
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    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Sorry to hear Cousins closed... They seemed popular for awhile, but I always just stick with the steady and reliable Calstar... Not that they are completely immune to everything either....