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    WTB Bait Tank 30 - 40 gallon

    Looking for a deal on a 30-40 gallon bait tank. What ya got sitting in your garage collecting dust? :cheers:
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    6/22 report - 277 to the 312

    Thanks for the report. Things are moving North and I like it :jig:
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    06/20 – Offshore – BFT Skunk – YT Saves the Day

    Great catching and great sushi spread!!
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    For Sale kodiak 32 gal bait tank

    Did this tank sell?
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    Bait Pump Problem with Acceleration

    KMAN - thanks for the insight! I have access to a press and will hunt down the centering bit. Is there any negative effect of doing this?
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    Bait Pump Problem with Acceleration

    KMAN - Did you drill the holes out yourself? How did you do it that clean? Drill press or just by hand? I'm thinking of doing this for my boat but want to make sure I don't ruin a new scoop. Thanks!
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    Updated Bait Reports HERE

    Nacho had squid on Wednesday morning.
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    Cat 05/23/20

    Great report! Sounds like the island is starting to come alive :cheers:
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    COVID Calicos - Nados 5/21

    What a great report! Thanks for sharing. So much fun on the SP Minnow!!! What color is the one you were using? Looks gooooooood :jig:
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    SOLD Small Fiberglass bait tank, 15 gal

    Is the flow in vented or just the 3/4" inflow hole?
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    Klamath CC Redo

    That was a great read with my morning coffee. Such great work and attention to detail! Excited to see how you tune up the 21' that followed you home :jig:
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    5/16 and 5/17 Newport

    Thanks for the report! Sheephead indeed makes great ceviche, never done with whitefish. Calico also makes great ceviche. That's a great looking skiff you have there. How long is it? Looks like you recently re did it?