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    For Sale 17-M Yamaha stainless counter rotation props

    Where are you located to take a look at them?
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    For Sale Twin power Saragosa Stradic

    Some clean spinners there!
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    Report for Catalina 11.04.20

    Slow troll the macks. I like to run a 4 oz torpedo sinker inline with quality swivels to prevent line twist and 4-5' flc leader with a 5/0 j hook through the top of the macks mouth. This keeps the mack a few feet below the surface and not a target for the birds. Slow S pattern between 80-110'...
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    Catalina Island Report 10/22-10/23

    We took 4 kids on Monday and was wide open bonito action by Red Bluff in 90 feet of water. Anchored up an it was a fish almost on every bait. Great session for teaching the kids. We headed to Eagle Reef after that and had a great pick on calicos. I love Cat in October and November!
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    Bonito pullin 8/10

    Doin it right Dad! Any time away from a screen is the best time! Cheers!
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    Long Beach Yellowtail

    He says record me babe, not the other. Great stuff! A yellowtail on the surface iron is very exciting. Way to take advantage of a quick opportunity.
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    small gelcoat repair in slip - Alamitos Bay

    Good Morning Gang. I have some gelcoat damage that I need repaired and was hoping it could be done in the water and not have to haul out. I keep it slipped in Alamitos Bay. Any recommendations in the Long Beach/OC area? Thanks! -Ryan
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    BFT 8/31/20

    How do you like that WorldCat Skipper? Sounds like you make good time out there?
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    BFT 8/31/20

    Great write up and way to put a plan into action! Time on the water....turns of the prop.
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    NP, 14 mile , 8 miles off Catalina

    So stoked for you and your son! Early season Dodo. Good eats!
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    Twin 2018 yamaha 300's - starboard rpm's and burn

    Gang - I have a Jupiter 31 that we repowered 2 years ago with new Yamaha 300's. Everything has performed great until about a couple months ago. The engines have about 310 hours with services at every 100 hours. I'm getting a lag of RPM's on the starboard engine by about 200 rpms when ever we run...
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    SOLD Fs AquaWorld bait tank

    PM sent. Very interested.