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    Jig Stick Suggestions

    Since 90% of my rods are factory wrap Calstar GFTR I will check out the 800xh. Thank you.
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    Jig Stick Suggestions

    I was on my knees and the rod fore-grip was on the gunnel of the boat when it broke. I completely understand you don't high-stick a long rod or most rods for that matter. Thanks for your insight though.
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    Jig Stick Suggestions

    I have been using a Terramar MHB 9' 30-60 with a Tranx 500 spooled with 80 lb braid. Most times I use 60 lb topshot, but with the bigger BFT I will use 80 lb topshot. Last time I used the Teramar I hooked 2 fish in the 130 to 150 range using an 80 gram Colt Sniper. Last fish exploded the rod...
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    Jig Stick Suggestions

    I want to purchase a 8 or 8.5' jig Stick capable of fishing 80 lb braid and landing 100 lb + fish. I want a single piece rod. What would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your input.
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    Offshore It's not about the Bluefin....Islander 3-day 9-2-2022 to 9-4-2022

    Great report. Your absolutely right, those in the know don't need another blow by blow fish report.
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    Offshore Good BFT fishing 9/2

    Fish magnet! Awesome Ron.
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    Is it me or are the dodos more fishy tasting this year?

    Maybe you had Covid and your taste is still messed up, 😆
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    Offshore Dolphin 8/31

    A lot about fishing is just like life, "It's all about attitude". Yours seems to be in the toilet right now. If you fished 20 years in the ocean you would know there are good days and bad days. You would also know how to do your research and prepare for a trip and select your favorite boats and...
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    Offshore BFT Video of 2nd part of our 8/19 Trip at 499 Enjoy!

    You guys are killing it and having way to much fun doing it. Congratulations on your awesome days fishing.
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    Offshore 157 Miles for Bluefin Blue Balls. Again!

    I did the same trip yesterday as well and didn't see anything on the surface except some very small YFT on a bait ball. I shouted out to you a few times on 72, but never got a reply. I was wondering if my VHF was bad, but called out a radio check and everything was fine. The fish are there. I...
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    Fishing the 499, Snail tomorrow. Share intel?

    Kman I will be out that way tomorrow 8/24. Leaving HH at 5 AM. Plan is to start at the 499, head towards Snail/Osborne. I will monitor 72 "Rustman 216 CABO"
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    Halco max VS Madmac

    I ran my Halco Max 220's at 13 MPH no problem and got hooked up twice. Just my experience with them.
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    Offshore 8/19 BFT at 499 with Video

    Definitely a little green on the gaff, but it just goes to show you how little skill it takes to get a fish of a lifetime in our local waters. Great video and congratulations on your awesome catch.
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    I had mine made by IMCO. They manufactured a lot of the original tanks. When I designed my new tank I had IMCO install 1/4" L channel the entire length of the tank so I could mount the new tank to the top of the stringers leaving the bottom of the tank raised 1/4" off the bottom of the boat so I...
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    Offshore 277 Mackerel Bank 8/15/22

    That's really weird. The week before I was trolling Madmacs through foamers and not getting bit, so I started casting jigs on foamers and was getting bit. LOL It's fishing. Always changes and new challenges, that's what I love about it. For me, catching fish is just a bonus on top of being on...