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    WTB Cousins 95jmag

    Hmmm.......95j Mag curiosity finally got to ya. lol good luck!
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    The BEST thing you spent money on fishing

    Sunscreen. Skin cancer is no joke.
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    Inshore local bonito

    I was at Catalina today on the Freelance and we caught bonito.
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    Reel for Phenix Abyss 809

    Another vote for the Lexa 400.
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    The reel deal. 533 narrow

    Yeah, looking for the narrow capacities.
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    The reel deal. 533 narrow

    Resurrecting an old post. Does anybody know the line capacities of a narrowed 533 ?
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    WTB - Newell P533- 5.5

    Hello, I'm looking for a Newell P533 - 5.5 in good mechanical condition. It doesn't have to be a show piece. PM me.
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    BD Fruit Growers!

    Your banana looks like a dwarf Brazilian
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    BD Fruit Growers!

    Is this a dwarf Namwah ?
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    Would You Get The Covid Vaccine?

    Been athletic, strong and healthy my whole life. Had to get a tetanus vaccine 6 years ago and they asked if they could also give me the whooping cough booster. I said sure, no problem. 2 weeks later started feeling really off and never felt good after that. After a year of feeling like shit I...
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    Cousins 95J Mag question

    If you want to sell it, I'll roll the dice and give you $50 for
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    RUS90 Monster-C 30-60

    Lowered to $350.