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    200 or 300 Reel for SD Bay Bass

    Another vote for 200.
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    You can only fish for 1 from this list

    Yellowtail and its not even close! Why? Surface Iron fishing. Calico Bass are not on the list and I love fishing plastics for those guys.
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    Last seasons fluoro

    And one of the most important!
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    Thoughts on Pen Fathom II Star Drag 25N or 30

    I switched all my Surface Iron reels over to the Fathom II 25NSD last season. Fished both the lower and higher gear ratios. Ended up selling al the lower gear ratio reels and went exclusively with the higher ratio. Just purely my own preference. Had a wide open of a stop on 20-40 grade Yellows...
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    Long Beach fred hall

    The show is great if you want to see the latest and greatest stuff and chat with vendors. Any deals you may find willl be negated by the entacnce and parking fees (let alone food or beverage). If you have never been I recommend going for the experience alone. Its a cool way to spend the day if...
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    Kayaker barely misses getting ran over completely

    Damn, glad you are safe. That could of been a lot worse. I started to run a whip with a flag years ago on my kayak and consider it a priceless piece of standard safety equipment along with my pfd (2), and whistle.
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    Hunt Each Day Like Its Your Last

    Awesome job! Great looking ol' pup.
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    Wahoo are dangerous.

    My God! Christmas came early for that guy.
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    Offshore Finally got my Swordfish ⚔️

    Good grief! Those steaks look incredible...
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    Best braid and why?

    I like Izor Brutally Strong in white for salt water because its super easy to handle and easily visible. I like Power Pro in green in fresh water because its affordable and cuts through vegetation well.
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    How do you mark your gear

    I custom wrap mine with the same colors. The patterns on the inlays vary, but the color scheme stays the same.
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    People who fish dark braid

    It's terrible. It's so hard to see compared to white, yellow, etc. I fished it ONCE and immediately switched to white the next trip and have never looked back...
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    Tragedy at Catalina Today

    Damn! R.I.P.