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    Any Moto heads here?

    My family has been involved with dirt bikes for a long time. As a father raising a son I tried to expose him to all kinds of sports and hobbies but it was dirt bikes that were his passion so I supported him in that pursuit. He started off racing motocross for years but it was jumping his bike...
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    Panga Fishing Los Cabos - Cow Tuna

    Hugo is pretty fishy as well and likes to troll small tuna for bait. I caught this 453lb blue from his true panga Caiman. Notice there is no fighting chair, all stand up fishing. Fish came up dead after three hours. Ate a small yellowfin on 50lb gear but had a 20lb dorado in its throat above...
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    Sheers or Snips?

    Last trip on the Vagabond all the deckhands were carrying the snips on their belts. I did not see them used to cut line or spectra. What I did see them used for was cutting the gills to bleed out the tuna
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    Found these at a garage sale....
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    Out on the Vagabond Tomorrow Aug 20, 3 day

    Fished right next to them yesterday...
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    Trinidad 20a handle knob clicking

    No it was last year
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    Trinidad 20a handle knob clicking

    I just walked in to Shimano customer service in Irvine and they replaced the handle bearing no charge in about 5 minutes while I stood there....
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    pictures from bay bass to yellowtails

    Wahoo? Nothing eats better than corn fed hoo...
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    pictures from bay bass to yellowtails

    How about some Catalina seabass...
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    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    The Thunderbird version...
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    Surprising that the old Hopkins jigs are rarely used anymore. Those hard steel jigs with no tape definitely slid across their teeth but that was before spectra..
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    Many many years ago when I was really into fishing wahoo with 200 gram Raider jigs I was able to buy 100 of them directly from the manufacturer. I had some issues. Never fished them with wire, used a spiders hitch to a double uni straight doubled 50lb mono. I had contacted a rep for Spanyid...
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    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    At a minimum I hope the passengers got a free pass for a future trip on the Pacifica for their inconvenience...
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    First time with the 13 year old on the intrepid

    Took my son on a 5 day on the Intrepid for his high school graduation present. Had a total blast watching him experience something like that. Crew was excellent and the chefs let him help out in the kitchen, even put a souchef jacket on him to help serve the sushi platter he helped prepare...
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    Wahoo fishermen

    Sometimes you just need to show them something different...