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    La jolla inshore report - Memor

    Had that same exact hull for my first boat. Cool skiff
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    Muscle sticker

    Got my new registration sticker, but how do I get the new muscle sticker? I only fish the ocean but just in case I decide to take it elsewhere, would like to have it. Also what does it run? Thanks!
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    5/15 coronado —- middle ground slugs

    why? Two totally different fish. Regulations are regulations.
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    WTB Livingston 14’ WTB

    I have a 14’ I may be selling soon. Currently doing some work to it (re securing the console and a couple other cosmetic things). Has a 4 stroke Yamaha 25hp that has roughly 100 hours on it. She ain’t perfect but runs great and is very sea worthy. Galvanized trailer that’s in good shape...
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    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    What boat are you on down there?
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    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    You sir, just made my friggin day. Can’t fish until next week but I’m guessing this weekend will be packed anyways. And maybe Dana will be up and running by then. Thank you for the intel!
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    San Diego Harbors are open starting tomorrow

    So will the launch ramps be open?
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    Turkey hunting or hunted?

    this is so good. I get it. My grandpas rooster “killer” would fuck us up as kids. They would wait for us on the back porch and start taking swipes with their Spurs the second we came out of the house. Haha.
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    Offshore report and FD vent

    I just want to launch my boat and fish, doesn’t matter for what or how at this point
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    Commercial hacks

    This report is amazing....
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    Is BD hacked wtf is happening

    It’s a way for the site to make money. Do them a solid and click on it then X out. They will earn from people visiting the site via BD. We don’t pay shit, they need to make money. Would be nice to see relative adds to fishing/outdoors but you don’t always get to decide. Podcast have adds...
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    Postcards from Catalina: April 5th

    Heard there was one case but that’s it.
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    Turkey hunt 3/30-4/1

    Short story: shot a turkey Headed out to a property I’ve been cutting down trees/stacking firewood for the owner the last couple years. Hunting wasn’t even in my mindset with everything going on. Got the call on the 29th “We are at our other place in AZ, could you take a drive out to the...