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    Lead free 8-71/2

    I appreciate it man. Thanks!
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    Lead free 8-71/2

    Looking for lead free dove loads. Anyone have a spot where it’s available. Haven’t hunted them since the ban on lead.
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    How do you keep your lobster?

    I’ve always just wrapped them in foil and they last a while.
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    Been a while, overnight

    Ok cool. Turns out my buddy only has one setup so I’ll be bring a couple extra anyways. Thanks!
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    Been a while, overnight

    Fishing the tribute 10/4-5. I haven’t been on an overnight in a long time. How many rods Would be too much? I want to bring a 20,30 and 2/40# sticks, but also want to bring my 60# just in case we run into some bigger grade fish. If I could bring 6 I would. Limited load, and just have a lot of...
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    Cat 8-2 - YT on the Spinner

    Those fluke baits are super underrated saltwater candy. Have caught a lot of stuff on them the last few years.
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    Spar urethane over cord grips

    Thanks guys maybe I’ll do a test run or two before I put it on the brand new seekers.
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    Spar urethane over cord grips

    Did some tarred twine for a buddies new set of rods, he didn’t want the stock cork so wrapped over it. He is asking to have them “spar urethane” coated for a tackier feel. I have never done this to any of my tuna cord grips. Any input on this? I feel like it won’t stick the the tar coat on the...
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    Rod and reel type

    Great report...
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    Catalina Island 6/12 Fishing Report

    Good on you man. One hell of a trip
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    I'll take it

    Poach the deans in olive oil. So good
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    La jolla inshore report - Memor

    Had that same exact hull for my first boat. Cool skiff
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    Muscle sticker

    Got my new registration sticker, but how do I get the new muscle sticker? I only fish the ocean but just in case I decide to take it elsewhere, would like to have it. Also what does it run? Thanks!
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    5/15 coronado —- middle ground slugs

    why? Two totally different fish. Regulations are regulations.