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    Hurrican Paul Update

    Thank you Chris for answering my question.
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    Hurrican Paul Update

    Hi Chris, Do you think Paul will have enough energy to push the worm water below San Quintine up the hill into 1.5 day range? Oh by the way..... best weather report i have ever seen for So. Cal. anglers!!! You are on my radar now!!!! Ron
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    23' Wellcraft Sportsman

    I just added the year and price. Sorry.... new at this.
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    23' Wellcraft Sportsman

    1986 Wellcraft walk around cutty Project Boat. Killer hull and trailer. Everything else is a redo. 150hp Yamaha two stroke is under powered. Needs all new wiring , steering, gauges, lights, ect... $3000<!--EndFragment-->
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    .......HAPPYNEW YEARS........

    Merry Christmas happy New Year from Ron,Ian,Jordan.
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    48.74,25.50,HALIBUT IN SQ.

    Hi Juan, Ron Tinney here. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I'm stoked you have taken your bounce-ball lesson and ran with it. I'm hoping to come down in August. Leave me some flatties please
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    Flattie Report 11/5 and a mystery ship....

    It was'nt head shakes...... it was all the booty falling out!
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    julio mesa and I in bola.

    Nice pics Juan. I'm still trying to get down there. Hi Marita. miss you and all in SQ Ron
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    Captian Juan Cook spanks the WSB again in San Quintin!!!

    your killing me.. way to go Jaun and Don Eddie Ron
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    Ed "Pacific Queen"

    Great.. The Pacific Queen is then going to start using ch. 72. go ahead and sink out your fish with the fleet.