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    Shoe, PV 9/20

    Small bones caught on the outside of LB breakwall last week.
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    Your best bug last season?

    My trusty first mate Dan brought his two sons down today to go make some bait for the opener, Kye and young owen Definitely had the hot sticks going and we made at least one trip worth of bait within an hour or so, lots of laughs and good times had by all I can’t wait till Owen sees His first...
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    Shoe, PV 9/20

    Kman swim baits for the win😉
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    Your best bug last season?

    Post pics...Cant wait for the opener, last season kicked ass!
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    How was the weather today

    I spoke with numerous skippers that made the crossing this weekend for nothing but bass n bonito. El shitno....
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    How was the weather today

    What a trip you guys getting the weather down there while in Long Beach and out to Catalina It’s beautiful, Pics at 5 PM this afternoon
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    Did captain lose my yellow?

    Touch my drag? Ill drag your ass over board!
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    What to do after the bite days on a Bitchin day?

    We opted for wake surfing today🤪
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    You guys would make a great reality Tv show!
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    Looking for Opening weekend lobster Charter

    Come on down you wont be disappointed!
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    Fishing with Lead Heads

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    San Perdo Tide Pool Poachers

    I walk HB pier almost daily And usually stop and talk story with the local Hodad guys Then take a cruise farther up the pier and check out the guys with the funny hats buckets that are completely full of mackerel and whatever else is available, I saw one guy yesterday That had A sabiki setup at...
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    ding dong the witch is dead

    Brother you got balls for bringing this up and I’m in the same boat the system is broken and I don’t believe the little guys vote matters anyway, i’m going fishing!