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  • Jim,
    I am trying to sneak onto that trip (Feb. on Intrepid) but I have never done a trip longer than 8 days except a 10-day I barely recall. I would love to pick your brain in the near future if possible. -Scott
    Jim, I had tried to post a question to you earlier but had a glitch while working on it. Wanted to speak re: SDLR . You're qualified to have insight. If you might have time over 72 hrs for 10 - 15 mins drop me an email ([email protected]) / VM cell (EST) @ (917) 363 - 9386 & I'll follow up. (Due to marketers I'll likely not pick it up on the 1st call. Let me know when & how to reach you.

    Thanks for the info on the closure, Jim. For those of us to love bringing the BFT home to the family we're fairly screwed. Perhaps they'll show up in force north of the border - one can hope.

    "heard some more of the same??"..."are we fishing Surgeon with Trout Rods AGAIN!"..lol..ha ha..
    Talk to me...yours, Tony
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