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    This kid loves to fish

    I hope you had 9 people fishing. Dodos are 2 per angler per day
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    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    I live in the OC and driving down to SD tomorrow for a 3 day on the Excel. They're at Catalina today on a 1.5 day. It will be a nice boat ride back up
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    Foamers and the Pegasus

    I was on the Bold 7 with my buddy. Great fishing and great weather. We have always given the cattle boats there space and expected the same. Apparently the captain of the Pegasus still has a lot to learn. I saw there counts from yesterday. They sucked. Shows you what kind of captain he is with...
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    San Diego day trip blue fin

    The San Diego got into the 30 lb bluefin. Anyone know where they’re fishing?
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    Need Panga in Samara, Costa Rica

    Greetings to all, I'm going back down in a few weeks and need a good captain and panga for 2 or 3 days of fishing in Samara, Carillo, Garza area. My buddy who is retired there has options but doesn't fish. Thanks in advance
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    Excel 3 Day Report Aug 2018

    Thanks again Dave. The trip was slow but you and Okuma are always generous to all of us in your trips.
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    277 and no newbie thiis week

    You need to take your buddy out with his good luck
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    Take a newbie 277

    YEAH YEAH YEAH Dave....I should have been there. Congratulations
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    24 of 30 passengers get sick/food poisoning on the Independence

    UPDATE............I received a call from of the Indys owners. He was very nice, sounded concerned, offered his apology and is going to call everyone on the trip. I appreciate him getting back to me right away so this won't happen again in the future.
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    24 of 30 passengers get sick/food poisoning on the Independence

    Greetings to all, Just returned Friday, 8-28 from a 3 day trip on the Independence. We came up and killed the fish on the backside of Catalina but on Thursday, 8-27 the passengers were dropping like flys......vomiting,diarrhea, etc. The crew was aware but acted stupid when it came to a...
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    Win a PENN Fathom 25NLD

    Thanks to all at Bloody Decks. I was just notified I on the Penn........Thanks!!!! Rock&Reel