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    Vagabond 10 day Nov.5 roll call. Who else is on this ultra fun adventure?

    Wishing I had one more day to get ready but will be there. Nick - your poles are in my car now - see you sometime tomorrow night
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    10 Day Return - Thieves SUCK (HM lot)

    The landings do not control the lot. It is a private company - Ace parking -- that is in control. For those wanting cameras, direct your requests to this company. The landings are not involved. One could also ask the San Diego Port District to do more as they control the land the landings...
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    What to leave home?

    trip actually leaves on Friday Nov 5th, not the fourth. But then arriving the 4th will probably get you first in the boarding line. I just double checked the schedule just now - 9 am on the 5th. so far the only info Mike has put out on the trip is : Wahoo/Tuna/Yelloewtail-LL 21 So any and...
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    Fisherman’s landing parking lot sale?

    What I heard is a smaller scale with only 1 seminar stage due to high volume of cars in parking lot due to hot fishing. Same vendors expected. Bummered for missing the sale but on bright side I leave that AM on a 10 day
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    Just my idea that worked with bluefin

    Hi Mark. sent the $ for the hooks- Paypal. thanks for the taco tips. Bummer I am diggin shark teeth on Wed and Thurs -maybe leave a bit early and see you Tue Pm @ the taco cart. Always like your posts as you are spreading/sharing info to those that want to learn. Never enough days on the...
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    Cow BFT on PENN 16VISX

    just waiting to put my 16 visx to that same test. Congrats
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    Just my idea that worked with bluefin

    It was great to finally meet you in person on this Vagabond trip. Hope we meet again soon. Tuesday taco nite maybe but forgot the name of the place: Las Palmas, Don Perico, or ???? it definitely was a tougher pick bite. I was using the Mustad 94151 BN J hook size 2 the whole trip as this is...
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    Overflow Parking Cost?

    never had problem parking in over flow lot.. friend had truck stolen in regular lot
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    Ride Home from Guadalupe, Need Boat Advice

    Done more than a few trips since they opened up a couple of years back. Always fished the Vagabond. One does not go directly uphill into the swell as if they were going directly to San Diego. No direct or almost direct pound into the swell. Lucky you. but what you get instead is side to side...
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    Hog Yellowtail!

    thanks for the update Terry. Figured as much. Fantastic catch. still trying for mine.
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    Hog Yellowtail!

    Hey Nick, what is the rest of the story like where was this caught. Been wondering since I saw the photo. One of those is on my biucket list still. Think they put all the people behind the fish to block out Lupe's silhouette ( Vagabond trick). P.S. Let Mike know we want stateroom for next...
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    2022 Guadalupe specific trips?

    8-22 Thursday June 23, 2022 at 09:00 AM Friday July 01, 2022 at 06:00 AM 8 $2,995 Rocks/ Ridge/ Lupe SPOTS OPEN Limited 22 Passengers Book Now This is from the Vagabond's here There are limited # of boats that have all the various permits needed to fish there. This trip...
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    Trip Insurance

    Even though you already are going to Bob Dawson, keep going to Bob Dawson. Also, you may be able to go to Let's Talk Hookup Archives where Bob was the guest and covered A to Z about how it works. Great show.
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    Do I need more..,

    Welcome to the 10 day world - I love this place, 10 day range, as it has the most variety of types of fish to offer. Downside - to me it is not a downside = bringing all the gear for all the options Do not get worried or stress over the list below. You will have a great time. The vessel...