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    Offshore Aztec Nov. 1-4

    It’s great when the big ones get both bottom hooks...keeps the leader away from those teeth!
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    Offshore Aztec Nov. 1-4

    Congrats on a fish of a lifetime! Retire that jig and hang it on the wall! Lol
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    Over dozen boats around tanner rt now.

    310# BFT on the Polaris Supreme
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    Getting Better at Guadalupe (gear / trip review)

    “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” Kudos, that is next level, when you are able to fine tune your gear down to the smallest details! 👍🏼
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    Monte Carlo - is it kid friendly?

    Yes, super kid friendly! Plus, that boat is very comfortable with a giant galley and plenty of seating. Go fishing.
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    Offshore NLA Oct 15-18

    Kairi is the bomb!
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    American Angler 8-day Oct. 1-9

    Trip of a lifetime! Congratulations!
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    Quiver Questions

    You can’t go wrong with a dedicated surface iron setup, especially for those length of trips. A CalStar 90J and a Trinidad 20a are the gold standard for tossing the iron. Also, imo, spend the money on the higher end reels and buy “factory wrapped” rods. The reels will last you a lifetime.
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    West coast jiggerz

    Johnny’s Sport Shop (tackle) in Pasadena, M&M custom rods in Point Loma.
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    Offshore Navegante 3 Day Report 09/20 - 09/22

    Peter, a suggestion for metering your line. Tie a 7-turn nail knot with 30# or 40# braid over the top of each of your marks on your line. You can feel it go through your fingers as you drop your jig, even in the dark! I got two bites on my last trip fishing the bow in complete darkness!
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    hey guys, can you used the alberto, rp knot

    Caught my first cow…80# braid to 100’ of 80# mono using a 5-turn RP knot. Also had a 200# bite leader. On a knife jig. Landed in 53 minutes.
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    Offshore Liberty 2 Day (9/12 - 9/14)

    As Anthony would say, “Change your bait guys”!!! lol
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    How bad does weather have to be to cancel?

    Just wanted to follow-up on this thread. Fished the Liberty that left on Sunday night, 9/12. Forecast was as predicted. Crew said to get rigged up before clearing the point because it was going to be “sporty” heading to Tanner…and it was! Made for a long and bumpy ride out. Didn’t arrive at...
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    How bad does weather have to be to cancel?

    I’m on a 2-day on the Liberty that leaves Sunday night as well. The wind forecast SW of the Coronados looks much better than the outer banks. The full day and overnight boats fishing that zone have been getting decent hits on the YFT. Good luck on your trip.
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    Best sinker for tuna?

    There has been a lot of talk of pegging an egg sinker (1-6oz) for BFT sinker rigs. Has anyone seen this???