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    Storing Ice

    I used to bag the ice too but now I just fill the fish holds full of ice, no bags. I scoop it out of the ice maker with an ice scoop into 5 gallon buckets and transfer it or use the 5 gallon bucket as a scoop if the opening is big enough on the ice bin. It's just easier in the end. Easy to move...
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    DECK BOOTS?????????????

    I wear wide as well and the regular Xtratuf's are tight. I purchased a pair of these (Xtratuf Wheelhouse) at West Marine. They are a few bucks more, about $130~ but well worth it. They are suuuuper comfortable. So comfortable in fact that I wear them on weekends around the garage/yard. West...
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    Offshore Relentless two day 4Jun21 - Coast Guard rescue

    Great report. Glad the guy is doing ok. So lucky to have the right and capable people aboard. Hats off to you and everyone for jumping in and making it happen. Good karma to everyone.
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    single or twins for farallon 2600 walk around

    "You gotta paaaay to play!"
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    single or twins for farallon 2600 walk around

    If you're going 2 strokes, 150's. If you're going 4 strokes, 200's. I'm currently running 2 stroke 150's on my 26' and they are amazing power-wise. If I were to repower to 4 strokes, I'd go 200's.
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    That's the guy everyone seems to use. I heard good things about his work so I called him. He said he would do his best but to get into the baffled areas of my tank it would required drilling access points. On my setup that wasn't possible without cutting open the deck as well so I treated the...
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    I had a similar issue with my gasoline tank (200 gallons). I used a similar product to kill the growth. I "polished" the fuel myself by pumping it through an inline filter and out into a 55 gallon drum. After letting the fuel sit in the drum for maybe an hour or less the stuff that did get...
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    At what point do you need 4x4?

    It's as easy as this... Having a 4x4 gives you piece of mind! You may not need it for years, but the time it saves your ass (or someone else's) it's worth every penny! End of story!!!
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    Wtb- Outboard Engine Stands

    Do you have any pictures of them? Thanks
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    2001 Silverado 2500 HD Big block Alison Transmission

    Great engine/trans setup. The 8.1L 496 is a beast! I have both, crewcab 4x4's with the 8.1 gas and the Duramax. Both are lifted on 35's and run the same gears. I actually prefer the 8.1. Absolute blast to drive. Pulls just as good and in some cases better than the diesel. The mileage difference...
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    Wtb- Outboard Engine Stands

    Hello, I'm looking for a double outboard engine stand that will hold two 150's or two individual stands, one for each motor (approx 450 lbs ea). I know I can build them but thought I'd see if someone had some laying around. Please pm me with anything available. Thank you.
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    Ed's Jigs 2 ways

    Ed's jigs are AWESOME! Here's the proof! Thanks Ed, you ROCK Brother!!!
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    Cabo 216 226

    Great boats. Thick glass, great layout, great ride, tons of storage everywhere. Large cuddy with lots of storage. Wide walk-around. Fishability from anywhere on the boat is great. Factory bait tanks and built in cooler work awesome, on and on and on... Wouldn't trade it for anything. Practically...