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    If 30LC Osprey is not to big, lets make a deal. Its located in the classifieds. Just did all new Manifolds and Risers with the drive Bellows. Both motors tuned with fluids changed.
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    Lost Bearing tiny retainer screws

    Mcmaster-Carr has every screw you will ever need
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    For Sale 2002 Osprey 30' Long Cabin

    BUMP, some additions were made......Still For Sale!
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    SOLD Penn 50 TW or SW

    I have two 50 wides and two 30 wides, take your pick, let me know.
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    I bought a Yoder 640 a couple years ago and have had no problems at any temp....From low temp Trout Fillets to Ribs to Pork Shoulder, the best!
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    ARE 40 YEAR OLD SHOTGUNS SHELLS SAFE long as they were stored in a cool dry environment.......
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    Carpet to Wood floor in a 2320?

    Seadek..............soft on the feet and easy to install
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    Daisy chain

    We run chains of 4" purple and black with silver flakes squids and get bit over anything including cedar plugs. We run them in clean water at 7.5 knots. Biggest problem is the short bites....Next season I am going to try single hooks on the forward skirts along with a double hooked trailer.
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    Screw hole fiberglass repairs, what’s your method?

    McMaster-Carr has stainless inserts special for fiberglass. As a machine shop owner and doing quite a bit of work in glass materials, the inserts are spec'ed out most of the time for assembly purposes. They are not cheap but for repairs or installing them where you remove and re-install screws...
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    Osprey 28

    I have a 30LC listed if your interested let me know.....much better layout then the 28......
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    WTB Local Bluefin setup! 40-60 pound stick? suggestions appreciated too!

    SS6480 is a great choice if you can pull an 8 footer.
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    For Sale Mustad (old school) 94151 hooks

    Man those used to be the go to hook for chovie fishing albies.....Oh how I miss those times!
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    Help identifying these flies

    LGBTQ colors so I would call them queer flies.....