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    I got one Dad

    Nothing better! What a great way to start my day. Thanks for sharing!
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    For Sale Fishing career is pretty much winding added

    My dear friend and mentor aged out of bluewater fishing. I tried to talk him into still going and team fish when he hooked up but wouldn't hear of it. If he couldn't bring his "A" game it would then be no game. Glad you're still keeping a few setups for ( just in case ) and remember that there...
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    WTB Calstar 775h or UC Centaur rail rods

    775H is more like a UC Raptor. The 775XH is closer to the UC Centaur imho. Hope you find what your looking for.
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    If her's weighs more than yours she spent way more $$$ Time to go to FHS!!
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    Penn 6/0 (114H) for wahoo trolling?

    I use the 114 for wahoo and it works great. I have a booster crank arm on that reel that I call my poor man's 2 speed. Yes, I fish with Mike.
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    Vagabond Closing!

    That explains why they told me they were booked up for mid July and weren't taking reservations for October yet.
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    PENN new product wish list

    Sounds like a Baja Jr... Penn are you hearing a trend???
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    The good old days: 1/2 day trip for $1.50. pics coming off my wall.

    Damn fishing was good back then... you could catch it all out of Long Beach. My father in-law as a kid used to ride the city bus to the harbor and back bringing rod, reel, and gunny sack full of fish home. Man how things have changed. Thanks for posting Mike
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    What Rod for a Lexa HD 400 HS-P?

    I fish mine on a Calstar 900M. it is very well balanced ahd you can get any distance your looking for.
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    How to remove treble hooks from hard lures?

    Save yourself some frustration and get a quality pair that will open the rings enough to get the hook off easily. Split ring pliers are not all equal.
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    Awesome wahoo strike

    Incredible video, thanks for posting. This will help to get me through the wait when I'm Jonesing for my October 8 day.
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    Penn Visx 20 or 30?

    To fish one reel for both bait/ jigs, and kite applications the 30 will get you closer to where you want to go. It'll give you a bit more line capacity that you'll need to fly a kite. That being said, I have a VISX 20 and it fits my needs perfectly for bait and jigs. I like reels that are as...
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    favorite boat for 2-3 day trips out of San Diego

    2.5 day trips gives you the most fishing time for a short trip. Nothing worse than having to leave the fishing grounds early on day 2 when it's an afternoon bite.
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    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    I agree with Mick, no fresh water rince and it's good for as long as it's frozen solid.