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    ID these hooks please

    You are correct Chuck, Mustad made those. I've also seen where VMC has at least in the recent past has made these as well.
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    Avet HXW vs. Penn Torque 60

    Based on that info you'd probably be fine with the standard HXW. The Torque would probably be overkill for what you want to use it for. That being said, If in the future you ever decide to do a long range trip for tuna you'd be glad you had the Raptor over the standard model.
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    Avet HXW vs. Penn Torque 60

    I'm assuming you're referring to an Avet Raptor? I have a HXW Raptor 2 speed and it holds 700 yards of Maxquatro 100#. Both Avet's Raptor and Penn's Torque reels I believe are built with medium frames and have similar gearing and drag capacity. May I ask what your intended use for this reel...
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    For Sale Large Lot of Yozuri Plugs

    I've purchased some items from Jeff in the past and he's a man of his word. You can buy with confidence.
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    Blue Pacific Tackle website has been update!!!

    Great new website and glad you're still leaving a spot for the Intruder.
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    WTB Heavy spinning rod

    Look at Okuma's new series of popping rods. A game changer imho. Check out this model. HWP-S-832MHa
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    SOLD Mak 20 SEA and 2x4 combo. $850

    Great price on the combo. Somewhere around $1,150 - $1,200 retail out the door. glws
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    Trans 500 HG gear swap

    I'd suggest checking the schematics for both versions and see if there are any different parts besides the main and pinion gears.
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    Morro Bay / Port San Luis-Avila

    You know where to find um... We'll get through this... it will just tak some time.
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    Okuma Hawaiian Custom Popping Rod (2020 new)

    Does anyone have experience with this new series of popping rods? I just ordered a HWP-S-832MHa that's rated 50-100. 8'3" and can throw 90-200 gr. jigs. Planning on using it with poppers and stickbaits on medium + Tuna , Wahoo and YT. Any info would be appreciated. Gary
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    dang, I'm bored......

    I can't believe I watched the whole thing... thanks Mike!
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    Got time? How about washing your spectra?

    I too have the Swifty line washing spools. I would recommend first winding the line on an old spool first. This will accomplish 2 things. First you'll reverse your line getting the unused spectra to the top. Secondly you'll be able to pack the line back on your reels with much more pressure then...
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    Pairing reel with braided line

    I agree completely with gecsr1. Theres a big difference with getting to the bottom between 30 and 50 pound braid. With 30 you can fish lighter jigs getting more action and will have the ability to shake your jig out of the rocks when you hang up. I use a short topshot of just 5' tied on with a...
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    Dark green braid..?

    I agree with the other posters. When braid first came out, green was pretty much all you could find. I still have some of it, ( it lasts forever) but have it buried deep in the spool and seldom ever sees the light of day.
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    Stolen Boat 3.22 SF Bay Area