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    Truline Rods

    You don't want to fish them . Send them to me ( Jedi mind trick )
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    First offshore trip Ideas?

    Fish Dope . Good luck ! Be safe !
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    Seasickness question????

    Bonine (Meclizine) works . 2 pills the day before , 2 the day of trip and two each day on the water . two pills the day you get back to land because you will still feel the boat when you step in the shower . I have a place at Georgetown lake Montana . We are almost neighbors .Good luck on your...
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    951-858-4784 Hope your doing well

    951-858-4784 Hope your doing well
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    Possible Black Marlin off M.B.

    A customer of mine caught a est. 500 lb. Black Marlin Friday on the upper nine. brought to boat,revived and released. I saw the pics. Sorry deleted them out of jealous rage.
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    Offshore 9/24 Aztec - Wahoo, Short Billed Spearfish, Dodo YFT

    I went on the 18-20th 2 day trip. We killed it also. Good boat , Good crew . Id do it again with the Aztec anytime
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    Went Fishing In LaJolla Sunday, 10/12/2004

    BS !!! there is no Barb without pics !!!
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    What knot do u use?

    x3 ^ cant go wrong with the San Diego jam knot.
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    They are there!!

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    "Pure love, trust. . ." flight...mmmm...DONE !!!!!
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    Lobster season...

    Check the Chubasco 2. Chartered it for $500.00 last year.
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    Frozen squid for tuna?

    Cant hurt to try.