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    Valiant 600 strength

    Here's my two cents. And since you know Allen, ask for his nickle as well. I know Allen does some Accurate stuff. Or ask Sonny. If it was me and I wanted to fish lighter gear at the Hurricane, with a chance at a cow or super cow, I would want a beefier reel. I would think a Mak 15 or 20...
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    “The Next Generation”

    I have great memories of Jorge and chatting with him about his family. Fernando is another fixture on the RRIII. Glad the next generation is moving to great thing.
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    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    Thanks for sharing.. Great write up. Now when is the next trip? Welcome to our addiction. It a on going continuous trip, just with breaks here and there.
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    Sliding sinker on a short fluoro leader?

    You can always sticks few wood tooth pick in to wedge the sinker. It works to lock it in place
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    Parking at Fisherman's, Point Loma & H & M

    It can be hit or miss. If you know how many boats are coming in, you have a better idea how many spots could open up. Then the waiting game. It you get there around 3 AM there our usually spots and you can nap in the car/truck. Just make sure your stuff is secure. There is an overflow lot...
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    Bill Poole memories

    Thanks Steve. He was one of the founding fathers of Long Range Fishing. A great man. If you can find a copy, read his book. "Fish or Cut Bait." It has a lot of history of the industry we enjoy today.
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    There are still a lot of Newell 533’s around. Not too cheap. It you are looking for one put a note on the used rod and reel blog and how much you are willing to pay. I saw 3 on EBay.
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    Captain Jiimy's Wahoo Bombs

    How about a web site for your Mylar. Thanks.
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    From the PQ respond and be respectful Good News!

    PQ corrected the statement on Facebook . “...State is CLOSE to granting...”
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    Local tackle storage

    There is a guy on Harbor Blvd., a bit pricy. There was a thread many years ago but I can't find it. Here's the guy on Harbor. Google others...
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    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    Cody, here's my two cents. As you realized you are getting a lot of opinions that most likely are not helping your decision. In my opinion all the LR boat have great crews, captains and accommodations. They are in competition with each other for passengers. So as one upgrades the food, so...
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    Red Rooster 111

    After a few poker games, I gave up and just gave him my money and when to sleep. Do miss him.
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    Red Rooster 111

    I have a lot of great memories as well. I fisher the RR II and Chibasco. Jorge was fantastic and remembered most passengers. I think the RR III went in the water in 83, as I recall. I do remember Andy as a pin head.
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    Vagabond Closing!

    I just talked to the Vagabond. They are postponing the destruction till sometime, maybe next year. So they are taking reservations, they are not sure till when but most likely thru summer 2021. It’s most likely going to depend on the economy.