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    Victoria super cow on lower banks.

    Here’s her write up on her recent super cow on the lower banks.
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    REEL to BUY

    When I bought my SEA II in 2016 it came with 5 years of free service. That was part of the reason I bought it. I registered the reel with Okuma immediatedly and they have serviced it free. My only cost has been shipping it to Ontario. I was on the web site today and couldn't find any...
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    REEL to BUY

    Agree with all, a 20 reel should do the job. The Penn and Mak have great line capacity. If you can borrow one to try, it might be useful. Many of the boat have Maks as loaners. Not sure who has Penn. one reason I got my Mak, is the 5 years of free service.
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    7 day Guadalupe/ridge Gear questions.

    You look just fine. It will just depend when you are there and what’s biting. Fluorocarbon a must. Maybe small hooks, #1 or #2 for Lupe, depending on the bait.
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    Which 100lb Pink Fluorocarbon?

    Pink is suppose to be the color that refract less light or is the most invisible in water, so I’ve been told. That being said, all fluorocarbon is suppose to be less refractive than mono. Yozui has a pink fluro, as well as Seaguar and there are probably others. Personally I use Seaguar...
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    Reel advice

    Usually only Avet at the pond but all manufactures have a booth so you can check out their reels and compare similar reels. Also if you find one you really like, you should be able to get a good deal from one of the retailers at the show.
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    Reel advice

    Nick... if you decide to try the Avet's at the casting pond. I suggest you bring a sinker or something about the weight of jig you are going to use it for and ask them to let you tie it on. That way you can compare. Remember the rods might be a bit different. Just my two cents.
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    June 10 day trip?

    See this thread. similar.
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    Reel advice

    Thanks Nick for the clarification. A 3 inch swim bait with a 600 size reel would be tough. If you intend to cast light stuff, you do need a smaller reel. I would definitely see if you can demo some different reels. Have fun shopping.
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    Reel advice

    Here’s my two cent. Unless you really need to cast far, like a surface iron, I would NOT get a 9 foot rod. You sold an Accurate because you had trouble casting a Sardine far enough. You should of kept practicing. Granger it take practice casting a lever drag, but the newer products free...
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    OK How Big Of A Freezer Do I need :)

    Freddie, are you planning to have your fish processed then drive it home? Or are you taking it home whole? How long is the drive.
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    Makaira 20II Sea Braid Options

    Edgar. I just saw this thread and you have a lot of options with splicing, etc. You'll get a lot of opinions, find what works best for you and learn it well. Here's my $0.02. The 100# Threadlock is a good choice for a Mak 20. You should get at least 600 yards. You want to make the...
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    Mak 30sae and Custom770xh w/rollers

    Tom. Nice cow set up or trolling. Could dropper loop as well. As to BFT , it all depends if they are biting the heavy stuff. Could use it at Lupe for YFT. I’d fill it with 130 braid. And then use fluro top shots depending on what you are fishing for. The 770 is a great rod, just make...
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    How to make Wind-on leader

    Thank Ali, I like the serve. Happy Holidays
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    Initial Long Range Setups

    Nick, here’s more of my 2 cents. I assume you haven’t won the lottery so you have a limited budget. Sometimes used or blemish reels will last a long time, just need to service them. The current technology is great. Rods a a different story, since some of the older one do dry out and the...