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    Let's save the Post Office!

    Pacific scouts Fishing Buddies
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    For Sale 800XH Calstar Grafighter rated 40-80 8ft WAHOO SPECIAL

    It is a stock Calstar off the shelve rod. I added 10inches of Cork past the foregrip and covered with shrink tube. Doing this covered the Calstar decal with model number. You can easily tell it is a stock Calstar rod by the Teal, White, and Black thread wrap colors. I extended the cork to...
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    The Coming Civil War

    The Dems motto "We have nothing to offer but Fear itself".
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    Shelter island launch ramp overnight

    Short answer Hell NO
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    For Sale ULUA CUSTOM SS 9'3" Skinny Butt Jig Stick rated 30-60lb

    No it was Custom made from a 10ft ulua it stiffened the tip action. Catch bigger fish
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    For Sale ULUA CUSTOM SS 9'3" Skinny Butt Jig Stick rated 30-60lb

    $325.00 CASH NO TRADES This is for the "Experienced Jig Fisherman" that knows about Quality Tackle. The rod was a stock 10ft blank cut 6off the tip 3off the butt makes 9ft3inches. I have a nice recently serviced 20A Shimano Trinidad to go with the Rod sold separately extra $290.00 Pick up near...
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    Origin of the palomar knot?

    It came about bye 2 astronomers who were waiting for the next eclipse at the Mt Palomar observatory. When one astronomer devised this knot to hang his fellow astronomer. When he was arrested he stated he wanted all the publicity for seeing and photographing the event the eclipse. The End
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    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Wish you would have gotten their pictures and post them on here. Scum bags
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    I Love my JRI Jigs. Good luck Jerry you will succeed.