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    Spolar Gold Reloader 12g

    I have a Spolar Gold that I want to sell along with some empty 12g shells. Going to post pics and serial # of this reloading beast. Send PM's to me if your interested..
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    Jose Wejebe of Spanish Fly Dies!!!

    Shocked and Saddend to read this. RIP..
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    500+ Blue Marlin Jumps in the Boat at Tropic Star Lodge

    Damnations, what a read! I can't imagine what it sounded like when it went apeshit, from the pic it looked like it got pinned under the chair for a bit with those scars on the weigh in pic.
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    Venice fishing report

    Gotta love the email address...Fish with me and get a great buzz
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    Exotics from the shore?

    :git::git:Would this qualify? It was quite the catch!
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    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

    Hey Bro looks like you got a Big One on...Check THIS OUT!
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    Another tough day

    Capt. G, Did you get the mold of the lure "with the pink-tickler" from one of those hard candy rings you purchased when you were fishing in the San Francisco area on your last visit to the states?
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    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 25th, 2011 at 5 PM

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    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 25th, 2011 at 5 PM

    Shaka in da Rainbow Tank Brah!
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    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending July 14th, 2011 at 5pm

    The Booger Eater comes face to face with favorite Bedtime Story...... Fish Heads...Fish Heads Roly Poly... Fish Heads Fish Heads... Fish Heads Eat Them up, YUM!
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    Wal Mart Pooter fun....

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    WSB!!!! and CALICO'S to boot

    WOW! Break out the multiple vacuum packing machines...Great sesh
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    Larry Dahlberg's Diver Frog

    Did you fish with the Kermit? If not then don't try and hijack the thread db.