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    Standard Horizon 2200 VHF

    Where are you located?
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    WTB primers

    Went through this in the 90's when Clinton came into office, not quite as bad when Obama came into office but still there. This time around you have a huge number of first time gun buyers and the COVID thing to throw into the mix.
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    Other winter projects !

    I made some new pulleys for my boat a couple of years ago and my uncle like them so I am now in the process of making him some. This is where I am at on his. Here are the ones I made for myself.
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    Electric Winch Recommendations

    I have a 24' fiberform with a flybridge and roller trailer. It originally had a power winch 912 on it. As I have a steel trailer I just put the end in the water. The power winch had a rating of #11,500 but would not pull the boat out without assistance even with the cable doubled back. I had...
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    Depending on what reloading equipment and brass I would be interested.
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    Moving batteries to cuddy

    As Jasper mentioned you need to be concerned with the hydrogen gas they give off while charging. Good ventilation for the battery box is a must.
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    Free NMEA2000 to USB connector/2 12" RAM E mounts, one with a VESA mount

    Would you be willing to mail the converter if I paid the postage? If so I would be interested in it.
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    2014 Yamaha F115XB for sale

    Finally got it in and had the hours read. 862 total.
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    2014 Yamaha F115XB for sale

    Must be high at $4300 so dropped to $3800. Not sure of a good price but willing to talk. Also googled what info you can get out of the computer on these and was surprised at the data that is stored. Still used to the old school motors. Definitely willing to take it in and have it checked if...
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    New Rule 17A pump $100.00

    New in the box Rule 12V 17A pump. $100.oo
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    Free to a good home Folbe davit mounting kit

    Spoken for by Brent. Awaiting address for shipping.
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    Free to a good home, boat seats.

    Spoken for by Howard. Picking up sometime next week.