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    November Hail Mary Cow BFT 4K Video!

    Wow kick ass video way to tag team that fish .
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    9/23 Catalina Report

    Looks like a great trip Dan .thanks for keeping the info coming in !!
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    Salmon in July

    Frank Beautiful fish way to kill it with limits each day . But don't you have any friends ?
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    3 B's and more!

    Way to hot it hard ,nice catch !!!
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    What kind of eels are these? Good eating?

    Most people that eat them , eat it with.rice.
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    Fished the Thunderbird

    The Thunderbird is the real deal looks like great quality fish .
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    El Cardonal

    What is a white Bonita ?
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    No love out there...

    Great report you are a super hero to him keep in contact with him !!
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    We have a opening for Pei 2017.

    Are the fish on these trips kept by the boat ?
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    Ocean Odyssey Tuna Report For 9/08

    Congratulations on your limit Dan nice fish thanks for sharing with us .!!
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    3/4 day sportking 9/8

    Thanks for the Post sounds like fun but when is 15 or 20 pound test light line for a 5 lb fish ??