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    Boating from San Diego to Mexico FMM

    So you have to pay it every time you want to fish the islands?
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    Boating from San Diego to Mexico FMM

    How much does the fmm cost?
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    BOLA and highway 5

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    BOLA and highway 5

    When is the best time of year for yellowtail on surface irons out there?
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    Custom 15 rod holder rack for tundra truck

    You can drive down the freeway with rods in them?
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    Boat hunt advice needed

    I don’t mind being cold and wet. I’m fishing . I don’t need to comfortable.
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    Shimano Teramar and Curado 300DSV

    one of my favorite combos
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    New Motor !

    Nice. You going to get bigger tanks? This time? Or keep it the same?
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    New Motor !

    Yea. Hopefully it’s a quick fix and we can get out on the water. Have you started to break the motor in yet?
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    New Motor !

    I’ve been on the list since October. They finally called today. I’m bringing the boat to them on the 6th of February!! Finally!!!
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    New Motor !

    nice motor!!! i might have to look into putting a mer 300 on mine....
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    2015 Parker 1801 Yamaha F150 - $28,500

    What are you going to get know?
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    2005 Grady White 282 Sailfish $76,000

    Nice boat!! Good luck with the sale!!