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    2016 Ranger Bahia Boat for sale

    What motor?
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    Tranx Komodo or Lexa?

    Yep. Have all those reels. But my go to is the lexa then Komodo then tranx
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    1 spot available for BOLA June 13-17

    Dam. Looks like I’m going to have to reschedule
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    1 spot available for BOLA June 13-17

    Boarders are open now. They never closed
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    1 spot available for BOLA June 13-17

    I’m supposed to be down there June 11th fish 3 days and back on the 15th. I sure hope I don’t need to reschedule
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    Boston Whaler Temptation 27

    Nice boat !!! how much ? Would you sell?
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    headed to cat 5/9/2020 - buddy boats?

    I will be out there leaving San Pedro 6am Headed same place. I’ll listen for you channel 72. “Repoman”
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    Fishing BOLA 6/8 and 6/10

    Yes I have a trip planned for June 11th-14th .Hopefully all will open up so we can get down there and kill fish
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    Freedom boat club good? Or bad?

    Anybody have anything good or bad to say about using there service?
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    SOLD Reliable Kill Bag 60” x 24”

    Any holes? zipper works good? Willing to ship? Ventura ca?
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    Ford F-150 or GMC 1500?

    Tundra if you ant rely ability
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    SOLD 20’ Hydra Sports Bay Bolt - $23k OBO

    Thanks really nice boat. If it where a 22ft I would buy it tomorrow. But it does have me thinking about it