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    Truline D8 8’4

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    Truline D8 8’4

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    Truline D8 8’4

    Has this blank been refinished?
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    Truline D8 8’4

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    Truline D8 8’4

    interested. Where are you located?
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    9 foot wts 7x

    What generation? How much?
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    TruLine XR7, D8, BD8

    Hi Frankie, Long time since I spoke to you. Where are you finding these rods? Like your D8. Is it still available? Let me know
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    Seeker white tiger 9ft 6in 3 broken guide

    What model is the blank?
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    When is a good time to meet?

    When is a good time to meet?
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    Gold Shimano Trinidad 20

    Is this reel still available?
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    Shimano Calcutta Rods (some Washington made)

    I will take the 820. Let me know if it is still available.