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    Carb Rebuilder in SoCal and/or treatment?

    Did you try the Carb shop in Ontario? Honestly none of the stabilizer works for ca's the additives in the fuel that screw stuff up...
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    Gas engine in 262 skipjack

    What size motor? How many hours? We have a 97 parker 2320 with a volvo does ok, but it's not a speed demon and 1.5-2 miles/gallon are norm. A 262 is a much bigger boat....
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    Towing a 2320 with a sprinter 3500 dually

    A man's got to know his limitations...…… far you towing it? oops saw that.... Make sure the brakes are up to par and you will be fine....they only time it will push is if the trailer brakes are shit... check before each season , you'll be fine.
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    Japan Will Release Radioactive Fukushima Water Into The Ocean

    Sorry zero F's given… We dropped a couple bombs on em and they seem fine now...what's a little water going to do that we haven't already?
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    Wire devices individually from console to t-top or run one larger pair of power wires from console to radio box and distribute, switch from there?

    The fewer connections you have to plug/unplug the better. Run it into the top then, power off a blue sea box or something similar. lots of dielectric on the connection.
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    Seeker classic Calcutta 700s

    alan Tani gets 15lbs of drag out of the carbontex washers on the 700....some braid and a topshot and it should be good.
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    Seeker classic Calcutta 700s

    Replace the drags and grease the bearings. Watch the disengagement lever/button...once they quit working they are a pain to fix.
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    2021 Turkey opener

    Taste like chicken? Asking for a friend. Ok, I have no friends...what's the taste like?
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    Front mount hitch?

    have one on my's a lifesaver....even better is the one on my jeep...I can put stuff in tight spots with that one.
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    Islands San Nicholas Eldo Charter 3/26-3/27

    I remember talking to a boat captain out of newport, said if they changed just the exhaust on the boat they could pick up speed and save fuel, but it would make the boat a lot louder....they didn't do it. Apparently the people in newport harbor get pissed when they go out in the early am with...
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    Recs for non-chamber style vacuum sealer?

    How much you planning on sealing? Rolls of bags are way cheaper...heavy duty food savers are not that bad...just depends on volume... I have like 15 that I get from thrift stores for $3.00 or $ seals and they work great... If you plan on doing a LOT , then you need first of all a NON...
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    2100 SE

    any boat will be wet unless you are inside or weather is perfect...usually the westerlys will get you wet on every trip home from Cat....get a pilothouse.
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    I thought he was gone a long time ago? Now I'm confused.
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    The profish do not like to be used to unstick an anchor....that is where you kill the motors, also you should reseal them every year to make sure no water gets in the case.