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    Which Boat?

    Looking to go out on a full day trip soon and cant decide on the Old Glory or the Tribute. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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    How far?

    What’s considered a good distance to be able to cast a surface iron? It’s my first season with conventional gear and I’m not sure if I am chucking them far enough.
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    60# UC rod

    Good Morning, Ive got a buddy who isnt a member but wants to know what everyone would recommend for a 60# UC rod. TIA
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    Biggest fish on...

    Im just curious to see what peoples biggest fish they caught on a Skinny butt ulua. no specific parameters.
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    Biggest fish on...

    Skinny butt ulua
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    Biggest fish on...

    Any type of fish
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    Calstar GFGR 875xh - 50# or 60#

    Where can I find that article?
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    Biggest fish on...

    What’s the biggest dish you’ve caught on a Seeker SB ulua 10’?
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    Seeker 7X gen differences

    Can someone please educate me on the differences between the gens of the 7X? Are the line ratings different? Action? TIA
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    Please school me on SD full day sportboat scene

    The San Diego, Pacific Queen, Searcher
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    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    Seeker SSR 810 and Lexa 400
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    What can/should I do

    I was just curious. Wasnt sure if I needed to do anything or should since its my first higher end reel.
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    What can/should I do

    Couldn’t pass up the deal I got this reel for... can I do anything about the rust or should I do anything?
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    Grafighter and BTG

    Thanks Einar!!!!
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    Grafighter and BTG

    Thanks! So whats the difference between BTG/GG and GF?