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    IGFA Offshore World Championship 2011 Final Summary

    Hey Baja, when I look at the current/final leader board on the official IGFA site, I see that the team from Mexico, "IGFA Offshore Champions 2010" got moved from 3rd, to a tie for first. Any insight as to what happened there?
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    Team Just Keep Fishing Official IGFA Thread!

    Geeez Dave, what's going on?? Hope all is ok.
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    I think they have arrived?????

    Capesquan. Hard to say exactly, but if I understand it correctly what SHOULD happen is that the fish will hold, or build for the next couple months around some of the outer banks, Golden Gate and Jaime Banks being the a couple of the most popular. As the bait fish gather around the banks, so the...
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    I think they have arrived?????

    Great report!!! Can't wait to get down there in December!!
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    1st Deer! Youth Mule Deer Hunt Success

    Awesome hunt. Great pictures, good to see your son's shooting form. Really nice job getting away from the crowd. Like you said, what was rig number 10, 11, 12 thinking? RO
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    WOOO HOOO Yellowtail limits today...finally in Asuncion!!!!

    Great report, thanks. And congrats on the little fisherman Izaak!!! :notworthy
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    East Cape, best trip ever!

    Nice trip, great photos! Congrats on the hoo especially. Sorry to hear about the boat theft. We have one down there and I always worry we'll show up and it will be gone. Three years so far no problemos.
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    Great news ( I think) about Mexican Fishing Licenses

    I usually just buy mine in the marina the first day of fishing. Quick, easy and with cash. But thanks for the links, may buy mine on line this year.
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    Baja Pirates of La Paz - October 4, 2010

    It would be nice to see more catch and release practiced down that way for all the reasons already mentioned. As for who is to blame, someone has to step up and say "we don't kill marlin here!". When we fish Quepos Costa Rica, they just don't allow it. Pretty clear upfront, they don't want you...
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    Took Kellygirl Hoopin'

    I think you mean Bugkini...
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    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Ok, so I saw a BD link on another site saying this was a must see and so I decided to check it out.... Then I get here and see this boat, and the beginnings on a pilot house house project and thought, "ok, this is going to be a disaster". Then I watch in amazement through 26 pages of of the...
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    Heading to Cabo Dec 4...Tips Please

    Yeah, good point Karma. I actually checked in with Picante while I was there, thought about booking on one as my 24' boat couldn't take the whole fam damily. Given the quote, I decided to pass. They were proud of the fact that "we're the highest cost boats out here". Justified it by saying they...
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    That's a pile of sierra Fred. We're headed to Cabo tomorrow AM, taking my 15 year old daughter down for her first warm water fishing trip. I was hoping to get into a decent sierra bite as I think she'd get a reak kick fishing light tackle for them. I assume that the 20, 50, 100 f line you are...
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    Golden Gate Striped Marlin Photos - Cabo

    Just looking at your photos again Richard. Love the photos showing the remoras hanging on!
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    Golden Gate Striped Marlin Photos - Cabo

    Richard. Thank you for the information. I know that last time I was down, the caballitos way under performed macks, but we didn't have a choice the last couple days we were there. I think the EL hook is a "light wire" hook if I remember correctly? I've never used that particular hook, but I...