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  • Regarding the Jkennedy I am in consistent contact with san diego tackle traders Dave is an encyclopedia.There are some JKs that are way more rare and are a more sought after stik than a D8 I run into walls trying to even find mine and its engraved by 3 jays dunno where to look either we need to find a jkf expert
    Jerry, My name is Anthony. Got a hold of this frankensteined Newell 220 I am hoping to replace the incorrect parts to make it complete. I am in need of side bars, reel seat and a 220 right hand sideplate. Seemed to have been born a Newell C or S 220. I will consider trading it all for a complete 220 or 229 with cash of course. All newell parts are in great condition.
    Are you able to help/advise? 8189683527
    Hello reel man. I was wondering if you had a p220f jack handle for sale? Some of the other members said to ask you. Thanks really appreciate it.
    Hello reel man this is a shot in the dark but do you have or know by chance anyone with a Newell p533 4.6 or 5.5 in good shape that would want to sell again thanks for your time.
    JERRY, i was in contact with you about 2 years ago, RE: MESCALERO ELK HUNTING!
    We have tried to get tags there and have had ZERO luck.......
    we were wondering if there was a trick to getting drawn?? having a guide already hired ....etc.
    would love to here back
    Hey jerry.
    ill see what I have or can get. However the BO or OR D8s are usually later glass. Arrested you looking for an R D8?
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