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    West fly

    IM trying to fish Wednesday. Weather looks good all week so go get em. I need to get on somebodies boat mines out of commission right now.
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    Is this a record Seabass on Pole and Line ?

    Yesterday was reading fish dope about the hot bite up there and was wondering about you and scroll down to see your happy ass holding up that pig. Let me know when you wanna cruise up there again or maybe later head south and give these tuna a try
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    i saw them out at clemente yesterday. believe me you did not want to be there. pretty sure the weather was the same at the island for the day you were out.
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    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    so the other guy kindly edited his post and your dumbass left them up. Ha Ha!
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    Anyone Fishing Friday, Sat, Or Sunday?

    planning on heading out tomorrow.
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    Fishing tomorrow..where to go where to go???

    yeah theres the ?? launch from dana point and hit those or launch out of shelter isalnd and fish south and possibly come back up to scratch out the day if south fails.
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    Fishing tomorrow..where to go where to go???

    So looking to launch out of shelter island tonight/tomorrow am..was thinking the 302,371, 425 and maybe come back up to the corner and 43. But noe looks like the 43 temps moved up a little now considering dana point and hitting 277,209, 289 triangle and so on. what do you all think?
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    Wasted money.....

    so without even scrolling down i said to sound like a bitch!! then blackfish beat me to it
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    302 - 425 6/13/16

    yft good to hear that being in the report!!!
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    Ever pull on the same fish twice?

    i lost a dropper loop rig out on the 150...set my drift up again over the same structure and pulled my rig back up. that was crazy
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    Cat night fish 6/3

    good luck!! cant get out this weekend taking my chp motorcycle class both sat and sun mornings. hoping to skip work during the looking forward to your report...then the next big or islands??
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    Freedom 5/13/16

    Good luck! im heading out for some much needed therapy. Not sure if im running across yet. looks good
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    I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    Welcome back Biily. I was wondering what happend to you and the Spectra. Seen it around a couple times at the dock. Nice new sled and way to get into those big pigs. I cant wait to get out there. Its killin me right now!!
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    Any local furuno repair shop?

    I have a sounder that the screen takes awhile to light up to full brightness. Looking to have repaired.