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    Offshore Local Swordfish Nov 27th

    Fish of a lifetime right there. I'm betting you paid your dues 10 times over. Getting it in that rough water had to make it so much sweeter. 😎
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    Islands daughters first yellow

    Such great memories your making with her. I did the same with my kids. Hang on tight! Enjoy! They grow fast, when you look back it's in a blink of an eye.
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    Bay / Harbor Afternoon Delight

    Awesome catch ! It's looking good on the halibut front.
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    Bay / Harbor Back Bay Bassin'

    Great way to spend the day
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    Inshore Lobster Hooping and boat trouble at the dock 11/12

    My gawd! I was exhausted after reading that. All I can say is it's a good thing those guys didn't get their boat launched. Good on you to help . You earned those bugs.
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    Bay / Harbor Lobster big bay 10.4.22

    Divers don't really need to catch them at night. I never understand why they go then unless they have buddies hooping also. I was a commercial ab diver in the late 70s to early 80s. Poke your head in enough caves and crevices their there. Easier to get too because they usually only have 1 way...
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    Bay / Harbor Lobster big bay 10.4.22

    Thanks for the Intel. I have been hooping for years but always welcome the newest tips.
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    Offshore Chasing mahi 9-16. Found the right paddy and mayhem ensued.

    Good day all around! When the dodos go crazy it's so cool to watch your bait on the corner get all squirrelly and get eaten. You know it's a good day when you lose one and laugh about it. High fives!!!!!
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    Offshore Dolphin 8/31

    GET YOUR OWN BOAT! THEN FIND out how hard it can be!
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    Offshore Monday 9-12 trolling the 371 and 425

    Waaay to Go!!!!! Great job on the report!
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    Offshore Tough day fishing

    But no skunk! Made it out and back under power. That's a nice trip in my book! Thanks for your report!
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    Offshore Wide Open Dorado

    I noticed that too. ! The boys had to be super stoked. The boys did good. I had a bunch of casualties yesterday myself.
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    Offshore Dorado for miles (plus I found someone's beanbag mid channel)

    It's white and floating! I turned around and it was gone. Still looking for my buddy that was on it. I overheard him say big wake ahead ! Bet you can't get airborn!
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    Offshore BFT 9 mile bank 7/30

    Wow A lot of work but a 120 pound reward! Good report . Thanks