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    Pressure Cooker & Canning Jars

    All American Model 921 pressure cooker (21.5 quart liquid capacity) in like new condition. Includes all the optional tools and components for safe cooking of your catch. 4 cases (48) of Ball 1 Pint Wide-Mouth jars are included and not sold separately. Price: $300.00 Pick up in San Diego...
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    F150 owners

    You have a point, but I see the flip side. Your Racor was overcome and allowed some contaminated fuel to pass through to the engine. The onboard Yamaha filter caught it and saved your engine. Pure conjecture of course. My personal experience with a similar situation occurred with some bad...
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    First Boat Guidelines

    Looks like a dual console model.
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    Offshore First time offshore

    I wouldn't encourage such tomfoolery.
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    Question on Wave height and Period vs comfort.

    An 8 second wave period is fairly typical for a local 1' - 3' wind swell. With 5'+ wave heights, that same 8 second wave period becomes an abnormally uncomfortable head sea. I'd cancel any plans to fish on the anchor ... period. If I was planning an offshore trip, there's only a slim chance I...
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    any fines for fishing mdr jetty

    You need the right Rx. Rig all your gear and set it by the door no later than 3:00 pm. Watch fishing videos until dinner. At 9:00 p.m, make your lunch and put it in the 'fridge. Check for drinks and get your cooler out of the garage. Check for ice. Drive to the mini-mart for a bag of ice and...
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    Offshore Is this even possible around here these days?

    I don't know which fish you're referring to, but all were the usual suspects.
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    Offshore Is this even possible around here these days?

    Seems like a very long time ago.
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    Fishing Related Book Collection

    Gonna have some repeats here, but here are just a few: the Cliff Cross bibles for Mex/Baja before the road; both Sea of Cortez books; John Rains/Pat Miller's guide, and then the Gene Kirra book. Only a few of you may have read Ben Hunter's "The Baja Feeling." It captured the essence of my coming...
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    New boat for use in so cal

    Pangas have been used to fish and set traps around the Coronado Islands forever, but those boats were made in Mexico, and fished by Mexicans. My observations, dating from the 70's, are that fisherman from San Diego, seeking great value, economy, weight reduction and utility to fish the islands...
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    What are the capabilities of this boat?

    I'd probably pass because it looks as if it has I/O power. Otherwise, a 1970's tri-hull can provide plenty of utility at a cheap price. My 1st boat was an 18' Glaspar back in 1972. With O/B power, we fished and water skied everywhere, and also surfed Pt. Loma with it. Easy to trailer, we took...
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    Trailer advice (bunk supports)

    Be prepared to cut off the old parts: either with a torch or a sawzall. Be prepared to find the lag screws/bolts shot. Be prepared to find the old holes in the sodden wood bunks unusable, so that the bunks will have to be shifted forward or backward a couple of inches, if not replaced. It will...
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    Post your last fishing Pic!

    Released one last October. That's it.
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    Can’t find my bilge pump

    Flip the switch and listen. You found the switch right? Uh-oh ...
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    Fiberglass botch job?

    Among other things, I'd remove the bolt, probe the hole and plan on filling it properly as part of the overall repair project. I'd remove delaminated glass and chase the problems as far as they go. More surprises seem likely.