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    1070# Black Marlin Caught in Cabo

    The one you are speaking of was taped out over 1000, but the scale said 8 eighty something. Saw it myself. This one was certified scale, didn't see it myself, but many around town seem to have.
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    1070# Black Marlin Caught in Cabo Another pic here.
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    1070# Black Marlin Caught in Cabo Another pic here.
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    Yellowfin bite is HOT in Cabo!

    Check our shareboard... Lots of people looking to share.
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    Yellowfin bite is HOT in Cabo!

    Just wanted to give a heads up that the Yellowfin bite has been phenominal the last week or so. Still have warm water on the Pacific side and still catching quite a few Dorado and Marlin as well. That being said, if you are looking for a "fill the cooler" type trip and you have Tuna on your...
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    Top Lures for East Cape and Cabo

    We have lots of luck using bars for Roosters...
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    " Stop Crying "

    Thinking that things will pick up with the currents next week?
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    RedRum Sportfishing Fish Report Hi Guys, I know we’ve been gone for a while, but that’s because things have been really busy for us here in the office. Things are really great here in Cabo, the weather is just fantastic! No sight of rain any time soon which is good…but a little shower...
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    Here we are. RedRum Sportfishing Fish Report for April

    RedRum Sportfishing Fish Report Hello everybody, thank you all for reading our fish reports. I do apologize for not posting stuff on a more weekly basis but, we’ve been told that we can’t be posting every day; we have to keep it a bit low on our blogs. A lot has been happening here in Cabo...
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    Fish Report RedRum Sportfishing

    RedRum Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report It has been quite a while since I last posted something on this blog, A lot has been going on these last 2 weeks. We’ve had great days, others…not to good, but that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching. We’ve had nice warm days and choppy...
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    Weekly Fish Report

    The weekend is here everybody and so is Spring! It has been a sunny week in Cabo San Lucas and water temperatures have been between 74-75F very warm but that doesn't mean fishing has been all that great. I know it is a bummer for folks that came on vacation and want to go back with a cooler...
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    Weekly RedRum Fishing Report

    Hey everybody, It's been a week since I last posted something, I think this is best that way you won't be annoyed by all our Fish Reports LOL. Ryan and Brooke are enjoying a well deserved trip to Puerto Vallarta, hope they are having a blast down there. They will be back in the office next week...
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    A bit of everything

    Hey Guys, First I have to apologize for not updating the Fish Report There has been a lot going on, from good fishing, slow fishing to Tsunami Alerts this past weekend...Too much! but everything turned out to be great! We cannot complain. The weather is nice, and has been nice over these...
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    Fish Report Feb. 20, 2010

    Hello all! This fish report is for Saturday Feb. 20Th ***************************** We have John Donovan, owner of RedRum, visiting us here in Cabo , for those who don't know him I can simply say he is one cool guy. I had not met John personally, as I've only been working here for almost a month...