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    Awesome! You need a bigger bait tank!

    Awesome! You need a bigger bait tank!
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    I got "clipped" by them from a trip 2yrs ago on the PQ. They cut off around 2" of my toro and...

    I got "clipped" by them from a trip 2yrs ago on the PQ. They cut off around 2" of my toro and shorted me the best part. Then I received 3 top loins which meant either someone didn't get enough fish or they switched it out to keep a bottom loin, which imo is better than a top. Never again.
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    BFT effects on the long term fishery...

    The Bluefin aren't here because some fishery management and they might not be here for our kids in the the future because of any management. It is cyclic. Rod and reelers aren't going to put a dent into a pelagic specie. Don't waste fish. If you want to release a particularly large tuna, or any...
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    Heaviest mono connection to 65lb spectra?

    You'll be sweating bullets if something takes you into the 65lb
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    Whatever happened to the MV Galilean

    It is now the Triton at Waterfront Landing, Ports O Call. Very recognizable by its profile!
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    Offshore Tuna Seiners

    Commercial fishermen are allowed to make a living. The US limit for BFT is around 450 metric tons. Not much in the big scheme of things. Except for 1 year '17 or '18, US commercials went over the limit. Otherwise, it hasn't been close. There are only a handful of vessels that fish for them. None...
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    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    There's a 4th row now?
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    Lotsa great headshots by Aaron!
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    Sashimi with Wahoo??

    Wahoo sashimi is great as long as it is fresh or RSW fish. RSW fish has been sitting around for awhile so it is tender. Wahoo ceviche is really good too.
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    Offshore Fortune 9/19/15 YFT limits, almost a marlin and skin, Mex Navy, ER visit

    Bet "that guy" was pissed when he backlashed and wiped out a spool of line....
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    Cat or SBI???

    South tip?