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  • Hello,
    I lost all my gear when my mobile home burned in the Woolsey fire.. I'm intrested in replacing the reels with fathoms. Please get back to me. I'm desperate to go fishing. Thanks
    I'd like a buy a FTH30LD2. You have it listed as FTHNLD2, but I assume its what I want as there isn't a FTH30NLD2 listed on the Penn website. Thanks
    Hi Steve. Checking in to see if you are still moving those penn fathoms.
    I’m headed up to Fred hall love g beach this week and wanted to check in with you on a 30 fathom 2 speed?

    Let me know when you can
    Hey Steve, I want to buy some jigs from your store by mail. I was on the Phenix trip. I'm the guy with the Hoo on the BD home page for the report. How can I buy without having to drive to Lomita?

    Ed, I am ordering more of those as we speak. You can call down and place an order for them over the phone 310-707-1205
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