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  • Chuck, add my name to the wait list if you don't mind. Haven't been on the Memorial day charter in ages. Best, Mick
    Hi my name is manny. From ojai. I was told you do a Memorial Day trip on the Pacific voyager If you have any openings I would be interested My number is 805 798 5785. Thank you
    Hi Chuck,
    I caught one of the posts. I was #1 on your back up list for the Memorial Day 2.5 Day. My kids are moving now this weekend so I can’t fill the back up spot. I am very sorry and I know this makes these trips difficult to run. If anything changes I will let you know. I would guess you have called #s 2 and 3 by now. Thanks for the attempts.
    Glad we’re going again.
    I need 3 spots. Steve Sturm, Paul Gilmore and Torie Fuller. Torie came on the trip a couple of years ago when you were out. 18 is good.
    Sending $1,650.00 today.
    Thanks for stepping up once again.
    Cheers, Bounty
    Hey I just got back from Australia the last 3 digits for the supper posed is s73 for faster response contact me through my phone #text or call 7608466202
    Hi Chuck. Thanks for the invite on this year Memorial Day trip. Unfortunately I will be away with family. But please keep me in your future trips, as I had lots of fun fishing with you and the guys! My email is '[email protected]' for future use. Again, thanks.
    you replied to my post but no number. You can call me at 213-305-3773 and we can set something up.
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