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    Reel suggestion for bluefin

    Mak 15, 15T or 16.
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    Quality Butterballs

    Nice work on some quality fish!
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    people were getting bit with anywhere between 1-6 ounces. I think I was using 4oz
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    Such an awesome trip. The crew worked so hard to help us all have fun and get on some fish. These guys really are as good as it gets! Everything seemed to work. I got mine on 50lb sinker rigs with size 2 hook. It was awesome fishing with you Greg!
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    Green light for San Diego Sportfishing!

    See you on board! So pumped!!!
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    5/31 BFT Report

    Congrats! Way to be persistent!
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    RP is now doing 1.5 days according to fisherman’s landing FYI
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    SOLD Delete thanks!

    yeah I get what you mean. I’m up in Oregon so I’m limited on options. The staff there were very knowledgeable if it helps. Aaron hooked me up with a 875xh and it feels sick! Can’t wait to get on some BFT!
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    SOLD Delete thanks!

    Bob Sands has 20% off a number of nice rods and shipping is reasonable. Just got a nice CalStar Graphfighter for a great price from them and it was very well packaged.
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    Slow 3 day on Pac Queen 10/29-11/1

    totally agree. Their counts are always the best and he is a passionate fishy dude. I look forward to fishing with him again.
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    Slow 3 day on Pac Queen 10/29-11/1

    I think the fish counts were low in general due to the weather, water temp dropped 1-2 degrees and there was a TON of squid around so I'm guessing the fish were filling up on it. Don't think that's the case but Im guessing you're just trolling for fun. I tipped the crew well and told a number...
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    Slow 3 day on Pac Queen 10/29-11/1

    Came down from Oregon to get a taste of that BFT fever and looks like I missed the bite by days. We saw some breezers on our last day with 1-2 short hook ups (both on 25lb fluorocarbon). We got into a few nice YT 25-35lbs mostly on Tadys/Salas yo-yoing. Total heart break to take a week of...
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    WTB Cousins 9’6” Salmon trolling rod

    I believe Outdoor Emporium still has a few Cousins rods left over as well that are like 30-50% off but can’t remember what sizes.
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    WTB Neah Bay Halibut Moorage

    Sadly my family’s boat tops out around 20 the trip from Seiku is a little less appealing.
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    WTB Neah Bay Halibut Moorage

    Hey everyone! Trying to get moorage for the second week of Halibut fishing at Big Salmon so the 8th-11th. Unfortunately I can’t afford to rent the whole month of May plus I can’t miss my graduation during the 3rd week of the season. Looking for a slip that can accommodate 30ft and has power...