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    Sending PM for the RCE MONSTER-C $280.00 OBO
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    Looking for a Radon, Davis Cortez or similar

    There is a newly listed Cortez on Ventura Craigslist...
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    What Kodiak Bait Tank?

    The bait tanks at west marine are the old Kodiak tanks. I replaced my old Kodiak tank with the west marine 32 gallon and it was an exact fit.
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    Interested in the Binos if they are available. John

    Interested in the Binos if they are available. John
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    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Congratulations, Looks good. I bet your are stoked.
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    How to ball park a rebuild budget?

    I picked up a Cortez 22 that needed a new engine. The hull was in good structural condition. It has a few cosmetic issues that can be cleaned up someday. The old motor had a Ford 351 for a block and a Volvo DP out drive. When it came to the re power I decided to drop in a 383 mag stroker with a...
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    Radoncraft 18ft 1990

    The tanks will either be side saddle 35 gallons = 75 gallons or center 75 gallons.
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    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Where do you have your speakers installed. Do you have a SUB?
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    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Mike, I have a 7" MDF for the dash and a 10" MDF in the relocated electronics locker. I moved the locker forward 10" from where it was at. With the windows going forward it gave me the extra room needed to move the locker. I probably should post a build thread of the pilothouse addition.
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    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    I am adding a pilothouse to my Cortez 22 and made some changes at the helm to add a 7” MFD. I agree looking up at the overhead electronics gets old. I will be moving the electronics locker 10” forward.