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    Where is Hardcor?

    I'm getting harsh attacks for asking a simple question about a good fisherman. Why is that?
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    Where is HardCore?

    Bro, get it up! Miss your reports. You are the solid BDS member that has the real intel. Damn.
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    Giving Thanks for my BD Brothers

    Nice report bro. LOL
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    Finally got my Swordfish ⚔️

    Elvis has left the building. Well done sir!
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    Awesome. Hopefully he will post some pics/videos of this expedition!
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    What's up with the star of BD these days? Miss him.
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    9/21/19 Limits of YFT for 2

    Sorry old friend. Sold my boat so I'm landlocked. You let me know when I can come aboard to buy gas and bait sir.
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    Easy Giant Bluefin fishing

    OK, so how does it work? Not understanding how it gets down to the fish and between the fish's mouth and the line.
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    Kona Star Ultimate Tuna Club Sandwich

    Glad you enjoyed it. Is really a great way to use this season's YFTs or BFTs.
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    9/20: Tick, Tick, Tick......

    Fantastic! Those are nice size YFTs. About 30 lbs? Good job guys. Make my Kona Star Tuna Club sandwiches.