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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Congrats Laurence and BO. This is going to be an awesome build to watch. Can’t wait for the boat show now. I’m thinking the Gun Slinger will be changing hull designs in the near future.
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    It is done

    Yeah I was there the other day and was wondering where the Albin went. Congrats.
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    Mark you continue to raise the bar. This is going to be an awesome project to watch and see on the water next year. Congrats.
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    Fin-Nor Offshore 5500

    Great condition used it for one season. $80 Bucks. Located on Port Orchard. Thanks
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    Winter boat projects...

    Rework the bait table to have storage for hooks, swivels and all the small stuff. Also thinking about a sub woofer. Defroster first front windows. @Walker. Any thoughts on a sub that’s has a preamp built in. Fusion head unit. Thanks
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    4200/5200 out on ice.

    So last week Jeff hall (Biten Time) and I we’re taking about 4200/5200 and keeping/saving the tubes. He mention keeping his in the freezer. If you’re like me you pay 15-20 bucks for a tube and use it once or twice then you have to throw it away. Jeff says,I have a tube of 4200 that is 4 years...
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    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    We ran this similar setup with all the same color clones and a cedar plug down the middle. 6.5-7 knot seemed to work the best. Doubles,triples and several quad hookups over the 4 days we fished tuna. I put some fly fishing backing on my braid with those distances so they would be easy set...
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    Just another question

    I used an electronic cooking thermometer a month ago when I launched the boat in Port Orchard. Then double checked at the GH when we ran by. I was less than a degree off. So I just left it. Good idea to check with other guys though just to see how you’re reading the water.
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    First time for tuna, started with WTC

    There a safety thread by tower Todd up above the these threads. There also a how to make my boat ready for the pacific in the boat section. In general though. Waterproof first aid kit, flash light, PLB, flares, hand held VFH, mirror for signaling, maybe a space blank. Trauma scissors...
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    First time for tuna, started with WTC

    We saw you Thursday when you were heading to GE bait dock and we passed you on the bar coming in Saturday. Great Job. Do you have a radio on your boat? If you do I would also get a handheld VHF as a backup and put together a jump bag. Fishfinder and/or compass also. Just a few...
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    Fg vs Alberto knot for braid to fluro??

    FG is the way to go Definitely remember to tighten the braid down onto the fluorocarbon before tying your knots. That’s where I had issues when I started using. This knot is an art project like Tommy like to say. Practice it at home before trying to do it on the boat.
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    Westport 7/20 open spot

    Tentatively filled. Just waiting to hear from @Witty1
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    Westport 7/20 open spot

    I have an open spot for Saturday 7/20 Westport. Salmon and possibly bass as well. Pm if interested. Thanks Pete.
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    Where to buy jig molds

    Got my flutter jig and down rigger ball mold from Do-it
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    Sirius radio antenna?

    Thanks guys. Zip ties and hot glue on the way.